They Don’t Use Toilet Paper: Why We Must Oppose Terrorists

Most American sympathizers of Osama Bin Laden and his gang of terrorists – you know, New York Times writers and their ilk – have overlooked one of the main reasons why we must oppose terrorists. This guys are so low, so filthy, so depraved, that they don’t even use toilet paper. Are those the kind of people we should have standing before the United Nations, a la Yassar Arafat, pretending to be respectable revolutionaries? Can we afford to let one more petrodollar end up in their unwashed hands, only to end up circulating in our restaurants and cafeterias?

Inventories of seized terrorist supplies have been published. Never has a single roll of toilet paper been reported in their supplies. It’s clear that terrorism cannot be allowed to continue if we are to have a civilized and hygienic world.

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Gold: Be Prepared for a Dip, But Don’t Miss the Spike

Central Banks may yet make efforts to drive the price of gold down further this year to allow them to purchase more, so I suggest being ready to jump in and buy if gold dips below $580 an ounce. Might go below $550 an ounce, one gold expert told me. That’s if we’re LUCKY. There is also the potential for geopolitical tensions and the reality of rampant inflation and inadequate quantities from mines to generate a rapid and long-lasting increase to much higher levels, such as at least $800 an ounce. What to do?

Roger Wiegand offers some compelling reasons to buy gold now. I think a portion of your savings needs to be in gold and silver, the physical metal, and I would begin buying some now. I’d keep some cash on hand, maybe 30% of your PM budget, to catch a possible dip between now and late September. If it rises to $700 or so, well, you’ll be glad you had some gold, and you’ll still have cash to watch for future buying opportunities in precious metals of mining stocks, or some other investment. And if there is a correction first, buy with both fists and then HOLD. Don’t even think of selling gold below $2000 an ounce unless you have no other choice to meet your obligations. We will see such prices, perhaps within a couple years.

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Utah Highway Patrol to Lawyers Everywhere: Sue Us Now, We’re Insane!

Hot Rod Heaven: Speeding for Charity on a Utah Highway” is a story on the front page of this morning’s Wall Street Journal (see a similar story in the Salt Lake Tribune). Neal Boudette reports on an absolutely insane new practice of the Utah Highway Control where speeding is allowed once a year on a stretch of Highway 257 as a fundraising activity for charity. This annual “Utah Fastpass” is a three-day event in which owners of supercars can run their cars at high speed. The police are there to “catch” the speeders and give them a souvenir ticket, documenting their speed, with the understanding that the speeder will pay the “fine” to charity. Entrants also pay $5,000 of entry fees that go to a foundation to help Utah families of Utah highway patrolman who are killed in the line of duty.

One participant exceeded 200 mph and got his – wink, wink – $800 speeding ticket. Another participant, Richard Losee, ramped his $1.3 million Ferrari Enzo up to 150 mph when he lost control after hitting a small rise in the road, sending the vehicle into a devastating crash. Incredibly, Mr. Losee survived and was airlifted to a hospital.

Earth to Highway Patrol: Are you insane?? Have you never heard of lawyers or lawsuits? Have you wondered what kind of message you send when you encourage people to break the law and risk their lives by driving at unsafe speeds?

I’m just amazed at what public officials think is acceptable these days.

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Time for a News Blackout: Let’s Focus on JonBenet Ramsey, Instead

The crackpot who claims he killed JonBenet Ramsey is succeeding in his bid to gain global publicity. But one big question remains: who will get the movie rights to tell his story?

I don’t think he’s guilty, but even if he’s not, he deserves to be sentenced to at least 50 years on the Jerry Springer show.

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Another Opportunity for Lost Sovereignty?

Have you even heard about the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America? Very few Americans noticed this major initiative of the Bush Administration that was created without a vote of Congress. In fact, relatives of mine in Utah contacted the offices of their Senators to ask what they knew of it, and neither office had apparently heard of this either.  But there it is, a new international effort aimed at bringing Mexico, Canada, and the US together in the name of enhanced security and economic development. The kind of security this promotes is NOT the kind that most Americans think about, such as the security of actually protecting our borders in a time of war. Think more open borders. Think more power given to unelected officials without the bests interests of the United States in mind. Mmm, sweet security, here it comes.

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