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Dr. Ruth Westheimer and the Decline of American Society

One of the cleverest generals in the modern war against the decency has been Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the venerable venereal veteran who could be described as a dirty old man in a wealthy old woman's body. When dirty old men like Hugh Hefner preach the gospel of unrestrained lust or the pursuit of personal pleasure as the primary objective of life, it is easy for many people to smell a little stench in their act. But Dr. Ruth, a short little grandmother with a cheerful cackle, gets past many defenses and disarms her targets with charm. Who could be completely cynical about a kindly old lady telling us to do whatever felt good? She was a recognized expert, so sincere, so warm, so charming--maybe she was right?

In 1987, before I knew much about her, I stumbled across one of her TV shows one day while I was ill. I came away more ill than before. She was interviewing a woman director from the porn industry. I hope you don't know much about the porn industry, but a great deal of documentation was obtained during the Reagan years when enforcement of Federal obscenity laws still meant something to the Justice Department (since then, the Federal Government has almost seemed more interested in funding obscenity than restraining it). The report of the Meese Commission, which I read (a painful and disturbing read--something almost nobody did, especially the media forces who repeatedly denounced it), provided extensive documentation about the ties of the Mafia and other criminal elements to the porn industry. It documented the destruction of human lives that takes place in this revolting industry, where a woman or man is little more than a mass of flesh to be used up and spit out. Who can deny the corruption and filth of that genre? But while interviewing the porn director, Dr. Ruth was oozing with approval, sending the message that pornographic films are healthy and good. Her guest explained her career path, beginning as an "actress" (i.e., prostitute paid by the act) and then advancing to become a director: "At first I was suspicious of the industry," she began, "but when I saw what a legitimate industry it was, and how everybody worked together like a big family, I was really impressed."

Dr. Ruth nodded approvingly as her guest continued offered such blatant propaganda. One big happy family? If animals who are sliced up into slabs of flesh are somehow "family" to the butcher, then I guess the porn barons and their "stars" are one big family after all, but the human subjects who are repeatedly degraded and sexually abused can hardly be called happy. They are slabs of flesh who are paid by the sex act, not for their acting.

The industry is utterly illegitimate, dominated by organized crime, filled with violence and disease. They provide misinformation and enticement that threatens the stability and health of our society. They wear down our sense of right and wrong, dulling our ability to see each other as humans and not mere bodies to be consumed for personal pleasure. Their products destroy families, promote child abuse and the degradation of both men and women. And Dr. Ruth could only smile and approve. This was part of her financial base. The sexual degradation of the West made her wealthy, and she wasn't going to let truth or principle get in the way of cash flow.

The effects of the porn industry, far more pervasive and harmful than second-hand smoke, cannot be escaped by simply changing the channel. Changing the channel does not protect your child from the sex addict around the corner. Changing the channel in your home does not protect your college student from the influence of dozens of others who know no restraint. (Tip: at all costs, keep your family and friends away from Oberlin College in Ohio, where the leaders of that morally sick school openly encourage promiscuous behavior among the students.)

Even those who diligently wish to change the channel and do all they can to avoid filth will inevitable be exposed to shocking and disturbing images during the course of their life that they should not have to face. We are a society that has lost it sense of responsibility. Those without shame have shamed the rest of us into silent submission. It's time for the silence to end.

Men and women everywhere must speak out against pornography and the flood of indecency. The silence of good people emboldens the vile, and strengthens their ability to get away with their sham of making decent people look like the bad guys.

Real men don't do porn. Real women don't do porn. Real men and real women need to speak out and condemn those who want our consciences turned off so they can profit from the decline of America. Shame on those who pull others into the trap of pornography. And Dr. Ruth, shame on you, for your terrible contribution to the decline of America.

Jeff Lindsay, Jan. 18, 2004

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