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The Corporate Occupation of Iraq

Reasonable people can argue that the war against Iraq really was all about protecting America from terrorist threats, driven by legitimate and ethical motives. Maybe it was. But the motives behind the present occupation of Iraq are much harder to paint as ethical or legitimate. How can it be that Paul Bremer, the former CEO of Kissinger Associates, the group that esentially built Saddam Hussein's regime, is now the de facto rule of Iraq? How can a made with such close ties to Kissinger's secretive, well-connected, and highly profitable organization help oversea the funding of Saddam Hussein and then later be promoted by President Bush to oversee the welfare of that country? (Whose welfare??)

If the occupation of Iraq is somehow about democracy and peace, how is it that Haliburton, whose former CEO is George Bush's Vice President, received the incredibly lucrative contract to oversee oil production in that country - without having to bid competitively?

If the war against Iraq is all about protecting America from international terrorism in a post 9-11 world, how is it that the Bush Administration has done so much to shield powerful figures in Saudi Arabia from responsibility for their connections to 9-11 and terrorism in general? Why would Bush censor information from the 9-11 investigative committee that clearly pointed to terrorist support from Saudi Arabia? Could it have anything to do with the repeated and lucrative financial support that the Bush family has received from Saudi Arabian sheikhs?

If one follows the money - money that helped George W. Bush, money that is helping well connected globalists around him, money that is helping the corporations he is tied to - one can only conclude that the occupation of Iraq is not about peace or democracy, but profit and power.

This is an occupation built on greed and corruption. It must end. And the motives of those who drive it must be exposed.

Jeff Lindsay, Aug. 18, 2003

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