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Planned Parenthood: A Vile Organization
Supporting Child Abuse

Everyone knows Planned Parenthood, the non-profit organization that promotes "family planning." They are almost universally portrayed by the media as a positive, helpful group that just wants to help families and especially women, standing for reproductive freedom, enlightened attitudes, and good health. They receive charitable support from United Way and many other organizations and individuals; they are given a platform in many schools and universities and work closely with educators to influence young people in ways that are supposed to be positive and healthy.

There's just one little detail that is overlooked by the media, United Way, the schools, and most of the American public: Planned Parenthood's actions show that it is one of the most vile, harmful organizations in our midst, promoting dangerous illicit sex and actively aiding child molesters by concealing their crimes. These are not wild accusations, but are strongly supported by hard evidence. A recent investigation of Planned Parenthood demonstrates a nationwide pattern of discouraging victims of child abuse from reporting the crime. In particular, young women who have been sexually exploited by adult males have been repeatedly told to conceal the crime. The investigation by Life Dynamics, Inc. of Denton, Texas, published a report on this matter which received national publicity by in the article, Planned Parenthood Concealing Crimes? by Jon Dougherty, May 21, 2002. (See also Ruling Sought on Child-abuse Reporting, Sept. 17, 2002 by Jon Dougherty, and Abortionists Mum on Concealment Charges , May 31, 2002, by Art Moore.)

In one aspect of the investigation, a researcher posed as a 13-year-old girl who was made pregnant by a 22-year-old boyfriend, a situation which actually does happen all too often. Over 800 offices of Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation were called. The story was presented that the girl wanted an abortion and that the man did not want her parents to find out about their illicit physical relationship. An overwhelming majority of the offices contacted agreed to maintain secrecy about the illegal sexual contact, protecting the man from authorities and not letting parents know. Sometimes the offices gave coaching on how to avoid detection and circumvent parental involvement, in spite of being mandated reporters of child abuse. Others told the girl to lie about her age and the man's age. Many times the clinics offered to help provide birth control supplies - with the obvious purpose of allowing the sexual abuse of the girl to continue without getting pregnant next time. Failing to report or preventing reporting of the crime is bad enough, but what of Planned Parenthood's willingness to knowingly aid and abet sexual exploitation of minors by adult males through giving birth control supplies? It's more than just an outrage, it's a possible felony - and an important reason to shun Planned Parenthood as a viper in our midst, not a benign helper.

Undermining Our Youth: "Desensitizing" by PP

My concerns about Planned Parenthood escalated greatly after a visit to their Web site. I found articles about "desensitizing" which show that Planned Parenthood thinks it is good to break down normal barriers of modesty in middle school and high school students, encouraging them to talk to each other about sexuality. I was especially pained to read about their "sex in the swamp" program that they helped conduct at the University of Florida, Gainesville. This program appears to be designed to get college students to be more sexuality active - and sexually dangerous. It began with 30 college women competing for a date with a college man. The competition was predictably lewd and sexually oriented. Prizes were given from local sex shops, and birth control materials and other sex materials were given out. The message: dating is about having sex. College students should be having sex. The article praised the effort as having "a positive impact" on the community. But what community? The community of abortion clinics and porn pushers, perhaps, but no community that any sane person would want to live in.

In my community, Planned Parenthood activities in the school have clearly promoted sexual activity. In one case, PP representatives came to a 10th grade class and gave a presentation with a basic message that dating means sexual activity, so we're here to help you have sex safely. A couple students raised objections, asking why dating had to involve sex. They were told that non-sexual relationships were just an early stage of the dating process, but if there was a serious relationship, sex would obviously be involved. Even the teacher tried to challenge PP's presumption, but PP maintained the party line. Students who were uncomfortable or wanted to leave were pressured to stay. Clearly, they were there to foment sexual activity among minors, not to strengthen our community. Many such stories have been told of PP's activities.

Planned Parenthood pursues a vile agenda that jeopardizes young people, supported child abusers and exploiters of young women, and enriches the abortion industry. It's time to shun them, or at least keep them out of our schools and away from our money. The millions of dollars of tax money PP takes each year must stop. Their easy access to young people in schools must end.

Jeff Lindsay, Dec. 30, 2002

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