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Science and Engineering Links (and Patents)
A remarkable innovation in education. Take online courses with serious, college-level content, for free. That's right, FREE! Now that's education many of us can afford.
Chemistry Courses at MIT Open Courseware
Great collection of online chemistry materials for free online education from MIT's Open Courseware site. Mathematica
All things mathematical and beyond. Amazing tool.
American Scientist
One of my favorite science magazines. The online edition has many excellent articles for free.
Useful news and stories from the world of science.
Lots of great photos on bugs, with fascinating information about these miniature marvels. An extensive Web site.
Want to know about POLYMERS? From middle school students to research scientists, this massive mall of polymer information has something to offer. Nicely designed, well integrated, with multiple levels of information. A+!
Cells Alive!
A tremendous and huge resource of fun and educational material on cells and viruses. Great for students of all ages.
Another great educational site to learn about microorganisms. Lots of photos and movies. Fractal Art
Whether you like the amazing mathematics of fractals or not, you will love the digital artwork on this site created with the power of fractals. One of the most beautiful places on the Web!
Doctor Fungus is a great educational site about fungi and the infections that fungus can cause, including sick building syndrome. Lots of photos and technical information. Rich site!
Directory of Open Access Journals
Access to lots of free online journals, including some in chemistry, engineering, and other scientific areas.
Genamics Journal Seek
This one of the largest databases of freely available journal information on the Internet. The database presently contains more than 8500 titles. Categories of interest include Cell Biology, Environment, and Plant Biology.
Highwire Press/Stanford University
Highwire Press is one of the largest archives of free full-text science publications in the publishing industry. Specific journals of interest: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Plant Cell, Plant Physiology, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
PBS's Alien Empire
A companion site to the PBS "Nature" series on insects. A great site for kids with puzzles, videos, games, and great information and graphics.
Electronic Textbook of Dermatology
A thorough technical resource on skin problems. For those who really want to understand skin problems.
The National Technology Transfer Center Home Page (NTTC)
Very useful - access to lots of research around the country.
National Geographic
Scientific American
American Scientist Homepage
The Discovery Channel
Nature - International weekly journal of science
Microbe World
Explore the wonders of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes. Microbial facts and trivia. Vivid images.
Eureka Alert
Access to lots news from science and medicine.
How Stuff Works
Great resource for understanding the world and debunking popular myths.
How Everything Works
Well, almost everything. The Federal Reserve Bank is still wrapped in ominous mystery.
How Things Work
Searchable collection of information on how numerous things work, provided by the University of Virginia.
A Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry
The Why Files
Sheffield ChemDex
A massive set of links here offering the best of the Web in chemistry.
My pulp and paper page
The official home page of the Forest Products Division of AIChE (the American Institute of Chemical Engineers). It contains some FPD info (including a link to my page on the upcoming Miami meeting) and a list of good sites related to the forest products industries (especially pulp and paper).
Sci-Cops: Enforcing the Laws of Nature
Who says science has to be serious? This is one of my humor pages that I shamelessly advertise here since it is heavily science-related.
Politically Correct Physics
Another shameless link to one of my humor-in-science pages.
Archaeology Magazine
The Nine Planets
All about our solar system. Great graphics. And yes, due to the politically motivated demotion of Pluto from the rank of planet, there are now officially only 8 (that's what happen when a planet doesn't spend money on lobbyists and politicians!). But this problem will soon be solved when a new ninth planet is named soon: the State of Utah. Coming soon to an orbit near you.
AT&T Bell Laboratories Research
BYU College of Engineering and Technology home page
Free Patent Searching at
Perhaps the best free patent searcher available!
Patent Searching at the US Patent and Trademark Office
The USPTO has recently added a new full-text database of all US patents issued from January 1, 1976 to now. Users may conduct fielded and boolean searches or search by patent number. New England Antiquities Research Association
Unusual explorations into antiquity.
Patent Resources at the Cornell Law School

Science and Religion (Creation, Evolution, Skepticism)

Reasons to Believe
Information about Hugh Ross's excellent work on science and religion. There are sound reasons to believe.
Affiliation of Christian Geologists
Their page provides useful links to topics of science and creation. One article I like, for example, is an article on the (old) age of the earth by C. Gordon Winder.
A great resource that sprang from the USENET group. Covers issues relating to evolution - mostly from the mainstream scientific view ("pro-evolution"). I believe God is the Creator - but open-minded Christians should have nothing to fear from genuine science. One interesting essay at is "Jury-rigged design in nature?" which shows interesting examples of "flaws" in the design of various species which are construed to argue against design. I disagree, however: see my comments on design flaws.
Science and Mormon Religion
My page, aimed at LDS people seeking to understand the relationship between science and faith.
American Scientific Affiliation
A fellowship of men and women in science and disciplines that relate to science who share a common fidelity to the Word of God and a commitment to integrity in the practice of science.
Great Quotes from Great Skeptics
One of my pages. Blind skepticism or blind faith - both go poorly with plaid.

LDS Links ("Mormon")

Items relevant to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.See my more complete list of LDS Resources if you're interested in this sort of thing.

My pages:

Jeff's LDS Intro Page
Introduction to the Book of Mormon
Evidences for the Book of Mormon
One of my most important works, regularly updated and filled with heavy information (IMHO). A most amazing book - and an authentic ancient document that testifies of Christ.
Mormon Answers: LDS FAQ
Fairly extensive, with links to many "Mormon Answers (LDS FAQ)" pages. These pages give answers to frequently asked questions about Latter-day Saint beliefs. This is based on my e-mail correspondence with numerous inquirers (and critics). My own views - so beware! One of newest offerings there is 2 Nephi 12 and the Septuagint: Evidence for Fraud or Authenticity in the Book of Mormon?, which may be the first place where the issue of "paired tricola" in the Book of Mormon has been addressed.
Faith, Grace, and Works - my (LDS) perspective
The text of a rather heavy theological discourse I gave to a congregation in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1995. Includes a link to a separate page listing key scriptures for study on this topic.
Does DNA Evidence Refute the Book of Mormon?
A lengthy and heavily documented article (260 kB of text, about 80 pages or so) in my LDSFAQ area dealing with the bogus claim that DNA testing of Native Americans proves that the migrations described in the Book of Mormon did not occur. A PDF version of this article was once posted at the Church's Website in the newsroom section on DNA.
Ancient Records Offer New Support for the Book of Abraham
Surveys some of the vast body of ancient documents that confirm numerous details in the Book of Abraham that are not found in the Bible, and could not have been known to Joseph Smith. This is actually Part 3 of three pages dealing with common questions and objections to the Book of Abraham. Part 1 deals primarily with questions about the source of the Book of Abraham, including a discussion of the original scrolls and the existing papyrus fragments, as well as the Egyptian papers. Part 2 deals with the content of the book and Joseph Smith's comments on three Egyptian drawings that have been attached to the published Book of Abraham.
The Mormon Temple and Free Masonry: Is the LDS Temple Derived from the Masons?
An essay exploring the ancient nature of the restored and revealed modern LDS (Mormon) Temple concept.
LDS Articles of Faith
My Home Page

External links:
Detailed responses to many anti-Mormon criticisms. Rich, interesting material that will give you plenty to think about.
Online genealogy information - one of the greatest resources on the Web, sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
The Maxwell Institute (formerly FARMS)
The Maxwell Institute (formerly the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies) is an excellent scholarly group that publishes and promotes serious studies related to the Book of Mormon, ancient Christianity, and ancient religion in general, with relevance to LDS issues. I am thrilled with the quality and scholarship of most The Maxwell Institute materials, including the works of Hugh Nibley, John Welch, and John Sorensen.
Condemnation of The God Makers
By Christian and Jewish leaders.

Other Christian Sources

Rich source of information about many religions, including but not limited to many branches of Christianity.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
Thousands of articles..
Bible Gateway
Many translations of the Bible and additional study materials.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
One of the best ways to read the works of early Christians.
Every life is precious.
A solid radio program on morals, ethics, society and religion. Text of daily commentary is available.
The Vatican
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook
A tremendous collection of links to writings of early Christian writers, medieval religious literature, and some Islamic writings.

Other religion and philosophy sources

The Quran Browser
A great new way to explore the Quran (Koran).
Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, and Religion
This site from Dr. Alan Godlas, professor of religion at the University of Georgia, gives scholarly resources on Islam and related subjects. The main body of the site has twelve sections of annotated links, which span maps, art, women's rights, the Qur'an, history, and more.


The scariest site on the web: US National Debt Clock
Find out what you and your family owe! Watch it grow, watch spending spin out of control! Watch your hope for the future fade right before your eyes. Delightful. Hours, no decades of fun!
Shadow Government Statistics
Find out what is really happening to inflation, unemployment, GDP, and other areas where the government is motivated to manipulate the statistics.
Vote Smart
Info on Congressional voting records, grouped by state. Find out how different groups rate your Senator or Representative. Are they upholding the Constitution?
Another great source of news that the media tends to ignore.
American Rhetoric: Greatest Speeches
A collection of the greatest speeches in American history, often with orginal audio and transcriptions.
The Cato Institute
A libertarian think tank. This web site features the Institute's publications catalogue, articles from the Cato Policy Report and recent congressional testimony.
U.S. House of Representatives
Atomic Bomb: Decision (Hiroshima-Nagasaki)
A fascinating journey into the decisions that lead to use of the bomb against Japan. (Yet I'm disappointed that this site presents only a small part of the solid historical evidence showing that the use of atomic force on civilian targets was unnecessary.)

Social Issues

Is overpopulation really the problem? (My page.)
A.k.a. An excellent resource for pro-life people. Among other items of interest, one can find data on the relationship between breast cancer and abortion. Decent pro-lifers work to protect the most vulnerable humans in our midst. Abortion stops a beating heart and cancels active brainwaves, or, in other words:
"An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health."
--Planned Parenthood 'Plan Your Children' pamphlet, 1963
The Link Between Abortion and Cancer
By Dr. Joel Brind. Information on Breast Cancer
The lucrative abortion industry is working hard to hide the dangerous side effects of abortion from its customers. Read the extensive documention about these side effects.
Did yo know that 16 of 17 statistically significant studies report increased risk of breast cancer among women choosing an abortion? 7 studies report a more than 200% increased risk.
Dr. Frank Joseph on Abortion
The link between abortion and breast cancer, and more.
Family Research Council
A valuable non-profit organization with abundant research on vital social issues. See, for example, their article on the benefits of marriage.
The Textbook League
An excellent site by a good organization that reviews textbooks. They expose the bad science, bad history, new age falsehoods, and general silliness that contributes to the dumbing down of American schools.

Keeping an Eye on Government

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
It's after 10:00 p.m. Do you know where your Congressman is?
Central Intelligence Agency Home Page
Census Bureau Home Page
ERIC - the Educational Resource Information Center
ERIC at is a large and free database of publications and reports on educational matters. This is the place to search when you want the best information on a topic. Huge amount of information!
Learn about new and proposed regulations.

Multicultural, International Resources
A site to help business travelers with tips on international business culture and etiquette. Can be helpful for anybody travelling.
The Oneida Indian Nation
My page on the Oneida Nation, which has a reservation near my town of Appleton, Wisconsin.
The CIA World Factbook
This has excellent information on just about every country worth invading. Seriously, it's a valuable resource - especially for students. For some types of information, it beats any encyclopedia. For one thing, you can see for yourself if there is a relationship between population density and human well-being (life expectancy, income, etc.). (See my overpopulation page for sample data.)
Family Records in the UK
This British site, provided by the, aims to give you easy access to information and links to the main UK family history sites on the web.
The tragedy of the Hmong people
Why the Hmong Are in America, an article from FutureHmong magazine by J. Lindsay.
Preparing Asians and Americans for a shared future.
Hmong WWW Homepage

Neat places in the U.S.

Digital City Chicago
Polynesian Cultural Center
A major cultural attraction in Hawaii (tied to Brigham Young University-Hawaii). Drop by on your next vacation.
"Broadway in the desert!" Set against stunning red bluffs of Navajo sandstone near Ivins, Utah (not far from St. George in the southwest corner of the state), the Tuacahn Center for the Arts offers one of the most spectacular outdoor settings for art and theatre that I have ever seen. Several years ago I saw their musical production "Utah!" and was very impressed (the special effects alone were worth seeing -- a flash flood was actually produced before our eyes on the outdoor stage).

Portals, springboards, and reference sources

The best search engine ever!
A huge library of books, including many historical gems, that can be downloaded for free or purchased as inexpensive paperbacks.
The Making of Amercia
Cornell University's rich source of searchable primary documents from American history, beginning in 1815, allowing you to explore American life and history in the past.
Extensive information on thousands of topics, compiled and organized by skilled guides.
My favorite place for exploring topics.
Find people!
Biographies on many people (though some are biased and inaccurate, in my opinion).

Other fun and useful links

Ask the Headhunter
Great tips from a former headhunter about how to find the job you want. Many out-of-the-box ideas that make a lot of sense!
World Wide Words
Great site about English words, their uses and origins.
Project Gutenberg
Hundreds of texts available in electronic format (texts for which the copyright has expired,of course). A great research tool.
The American Colonist's Library
Links to online versions of materials that influenced early American colonists. A significant library indeed. Online Books (Classics)
Extensive searchable, online resources with great books. One example is Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, a scientific classic.
Clark Howard
The best and most civilized talk show host ever, Clark Howard offers consumers a wealth of information to protect and help them. Very rich Web site.
Thesaurus resources: and Visual Thesaurus
Great tools to find the right word.
Archaeology Online
All the news that fits, or something like that.
Excellent movie review resource for parents, with details about what is in specific movies. Don't trust a movie until you've reviewed it with ScreenIt!
Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music
An excellent online collections from the Library of Congress with over 62,500 pieces of historical sheet music. Can be searched by author, subject, and song title.
Bartleby Verse: American and English Poetry, 1250-1920
The Bartleby Library has the texts of many poetry anthologies for American and English poetry. Big!
Berit's Best Sites for Children
Many great sites selected with children in mind (good games, etc.).
Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations
A great resource by Kevin L. Callahan with information about the Mayans and other groups from ancient Mesoamerica.
Smithsonian Museum of American Art
Discovery Channel Online
Graphics intensive.

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