International and Multicultural Links

Language links:

The Human Languages Page
A huge resource. You can access information on many dozens of languages.
Yamada Language Center
Ancient Scripts
a marvelous collection of information on scripts of the ancient world.
The China reading room
Your chance to read Chinese poetry and see beautiful examples of Chinese calligraphy. Chinese Character Genealogy
A tremendous site for examining and learning Chinese characters, including information on the origins of many characters. Now no special software or fonts are required. One of the best Chinese sites ever. Zheige hen hao!
Get your name translated into Chinese for free!.
Spanish-English, Italian-English, and French-English dictionaries online. One of the best dictionaries I've seen - a truly impressive tool.
German-English Dictionary
An outstanding resource at (Or see The New German-English Dictionary.)
EL NORTE Edición para Internet
News from Mexico - in Spanish.
Hmong Cultural Center in Minnesota
Source of extensive information about the Hmong people in the United States.
The Talking Hmong English Dictionary
Access this talking dictionary to hear what Hmong words sound like. Hmong is the language of several million people in northern Laos, Thailand, southern China, and now the United States.

Experience some culture...

Developed by the Asia Society, this is a comprehensive source for news and resources on Asian culture, business, politics, and history. There is an event calendar, a glossary, related links, and a database of Asian specialists.
Fasnacht in Basel
One of the most amazing European celebrations, Fasnacht in Basel, Switzerland is an annual three-day long festival of parades, music, and food with centuries of tradition behind it. I experienced Fasnacht in 1980 as a Latter-day Saint missionary in Basel. Fabulous!
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
A huge collection of links to resources for nearly all of Asia for language, culture, etc.
The Ancient Mediterranean World
Collection of links about the ancient Mediterranean area.
Polynesian Cultural Center
A major cultural attraction in Hawaii (tied to Brigham Young University-Hawaii). Drop by on your next vacation.
The Oneida Nation of New York
The official web site of the Oneida Nation of New York is a rich and well done source of information. You can hear audio samples of the Oneida language, learn about the history and the legends of the tribe, see text of treaties, and more. (See also my page on The Oneida Indian Tribe of Wisconsin.)
Native Americans: Web Resources
A large index to web sites about Native Americans. Among other things, you can see a list of all federally-recognized tribes with links to official web pages for them, if available.
The Virtual Shtetl
A tour of Yiddish life. Good!
The National Holocaust Museum
I endorse the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. as an essential stop for anybody going to Washington. It is done thoughtfully with stirring understatement. Though dealing with such a terrible part of our history, the determined and hopeful spirit one senses in the shrine-like museum makes the journey through its halls an almost spiritual experience. Go there!
A Chinese Website with news and other information from Red China.
A Trip to Beijing
The China Page
Calligraphy, popems, history, etc.
About Switzerland
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
A useful site at Evansville University.

Hmong Sites

Hmong WWW Homepage
This is the place to go for all things Hmong. Very large source of info! "Zoo kawg li!" (Really good!)
Tragedy of the Hmong
My own page.
Forced Repatriation of the Hmong
Excerpts from a newspaper article on forced repatriation and my comments.
Excerpt from Hmong Means Free
The first chapter (introduction) of a book by Dr. Sucheng Chan, reproduced with permission from her and her publisher, Temple University Press. It provides a helpful and detailed historical background of the Hmong.
Hmong Studies Journal
A new and outstanding electronic journal about the Hmong people, their culture, their history, and their life in the United States and Asia. Robin Vue Benson and other editors merit much praise for this work.
Hmong lineage
A useful article about clans, subclans, and Hmong family systems by Gary Yia Lee.

Miscellaneous links:

The CIA World Factbook
Nearly every country is covered with abundant basic information. Maybe you can learn if your overseas vacation spot is about to be destroyed in war or seized by a dictator.
Currency Converter
United Nations and other international organizations
UC Santa Barbara's extensive collection of electronic texts (speaches, books, treaties, etc.), e-mail lists, and more. An awesome online library.

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