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Customizing a Letter of Concern
to your Pagan or Cultist Friends

This page is offered as a public service by Kingdom of the Kults, Inc., the firm that manufactures the exclusive new CultMaster 2000 CD-Rom software for exposing others (anyone you choose!) as cult members. This page demonstrates the flexible concept of "Semantic Redefinition for Exclusivity" which is used (at a much more sophisticated level) in the Custom Cult Slayer module of CultMaster 2000. Feel free to print out your results on this worksheet and mail it to someone you love. If you find this helpful, you'll certainly want to order the CultMaster 2000 CD.

Note: this page has been updated to reflect the fact that all martial arts are a cult. (See Bob Larson's Larson's Book of Cults, Tyndale House Publ., 1983, page 27.)

Demo: Letter to a Friend

Dear ,

When I first met you, I thought you were a nice person and was not too concerned that you were . In fact, you stimulated my interest in your beliefs. I began looking into your belief system, and was soon shocked to find that you believe in and that you reject plain Bible truth such as that found in . Further, I was stunned to find that a seemingly intelligent person could possibly believe in non-Biblical absurdities such as or, worse still, that you could believe in . Anyone that adheres to such heresies is obviously not an authentic . In fact, I must warn you - in the spirit of pure love - that you are and as such, you cannot .

I pray that you will return to the . There is still hope for you.


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