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My LDS Pages

My new LDS blog dealing with Book of Mormon issues and other LDS matters.
Jeff's LDS Intro Page
Introduction to the Book of Mormon
Evidences for the Book of Mormon
The information included also provides links to other pages of mine, such as pages on The Book of Mormon and metal plates; chiasmus; the controversial issue of DNA and the Book of Mormon (or, should modern Native Americans have Jewish DNA?); Mesoamerican fortifications; alleged Book of Mormon problems; questions about plants and animals in the Book of Mormon; metals and weapons in the Book of Mormon, a response to the Smithsonian Institution's Statement Regarding the Book of Mormon, a discussion of 2 Nephi 12 and the Septuagint, and more.
Mormon Answers: LDS FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Latter-day Saint beliefs. This is based on my e-mail correspondence with numerous inquirers (and critics). Many pages are offered covering Book of Mormon questions, common attacks on the Church, the issue of prophets and apostles, the LDS view of the Bible, baptism and baptism for the dead, the Book of Abraham, questions about First Vision accounts, fulfilled prophecies of Joseph Smith, the eternal potential of human beings, the fuzzy definitions used to label us as a cult, etc.
Adam, the Fall, and the Messiah
My paper on basic doctrines pertaining to the Fall, our salvation, and our free agency. Did Adam really destroy God's original plan for us as some claim?
Love, Dating, Marriage, and Morality
A new LDSFAQ page answering common questions about dating, marrying in or out of the Church, morality, and so forth. These topics have resulted in many questions recently - often from non-LDS people dating Mormons. I hope this page will help. Expect many more answers to be added soon.
Official LDS Proclamation on the Family and Family Practices
A monumental, official declaration by the First Presidency.
"Was the Book of Mormon Plagiarized from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass?"
This work shows that an impossible source - published 25 years after the Book of Mormon - provides much better "evidence" of Book of Mormon plagiarism than what the critics have been able to drum up by poring over the works of Ethan Smith, Spaulding, James Adair, Shakespeare, the Apocrypha, or other sources.
One Day in the Life of Joseph Smith, Translator Extraordinaire of the Book of Mormon
My satirical script for a skit dealing with allegations that Joseph Smith plagiarized from numerous sources in preparing the Book of Mormon.
Faith, Grace, and Works
The text of a rather heavy theological discourse I gave to a congregation in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1995. Includes a link to a separate page listing key scriptures for study on this topic.
Questions about the Dead
Do they live as spirit beings or are they just unconscious or nonexistent? (Raymond Woodworth answers these questions.)
Revisiting the Land of Jerusalem in Alma 7:10
Mormons and Militias?
My response to recent misinformation linking the Church to militia groups.
Constancy in the Midst of Change (A Thermodynamic/Scriptural Perspective)
This is the text of a talk I gave in 1994 to a Latter-day Saint congregation in Wisconsin. It's not every day that someone mingles the laws of thermodynamics with scripture. False doctrine? You be the judge.
Latter-day Saints in Early Wisconsin
A discussion of the role that LDS people played in the early days of my state, Wisconsin. The page is based on work by Dr. David L. Clark at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
Is the Book of Mormon a fraud?
Some brief passages from the works of Hugh Nibley.
The Word of Wisdom - The LDS Health Code
Text of the 1833 revelation to Joseph Smith forbidding the use of tobacco, alcohol, tea, and coffee, and providing nutritional guidelines with an emphasis on grains. Also a news report on the health of LDS people.
Religious Implications of the Placebo Effect
Considers the placebo effect and the related Hawthorne effect in terms of personal and organizational religious behavior.
Mental Health in the Church: Suggestions for Leaders
My thoughts, taken from a post I did one my Mormanity blog.
CultMaster 2000 Software
All the power you need to prove that you're the only real Christian around. Use the tools and tactics of reputable anti-Mormon authors to prove that anyone who disagrees with any of your views belongs to a non-Christian cult. Makes a perfect Christmas gift. (Not recommended for the comically impaired.)
My Home Page

From the Rest of the LDS World

Broad LDS Resources and General Starting Points

The Official LDS Home Page
A large and growing site with basic information and some official doctrine.
The Ensign
The Church's official magazine for adults and families (in English). A wonderful monthly publication that you can view online for free. Nope, you don't even have to pay tithing to access this for free.
Church Music Tesources
The music section of ChurchofJesusChrist.org provides instructional materials, and also provides an interactive player to let you play the music and understand the parts for Latter-day Saint hymns and songs in the Children's Songbook. Or you can download MP3 files for the songs as music only or music and voice. And if you're a composer, you can submit new music for the Church's consideration, and look at past submissions that have been accepted.
The Come Unto Christ section of the Church's website
"Come Unto Christ" is a section of the Church website to help you take steps to come more fully unto Christ. You can request to meet with missionaries or order a free Book of Mormon (available for many countries and in many langauges).
Locations and Schedules
Find out where Church meetings are held wherever you are in the world.
Provident Living.
A Church site to help members with the physical realities of life - welfare needs, employment, living wisely, etc. Great resource!
Church Newsroom
The Church's Newsroom provides recent news from the Church, including responses to some attacks in the media.
Mormon Times (the Faith section at the Deseret News)
The Mormon Times service of the Deseret News offers daily news about Mormons and Mormon topics.
Mormons and China: New Church Website
An important new resource to help members who are Chinese nationals and their leaders, anywhere in the world, with important information about the Church and China.
Chinese resources: yesu-jidu.org.
The 100 Hours Board at BYU
An unusual forum for BYU students to pose and answer questions.
The Neal A. Maxwell Institute (Mormon Studies and More!)
Formerly known as FARMS (the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies), the Maxwell Institute has a rich tradition of scholarly publications and serious studies related to the Book of Mormon, ancient Christianity, and ancient religion in general, with relevance to LDS issues. I am simply thrilled with the quality and scholarship of most FARMS materials, especially the works of Hugh Nibley, John Welch, John Tvedtnes, Daniel Peterson, and John Sorensen.
Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship
Formed in 2011 to maintain the scholarly traditions of FARMS and the Maxwell Institute in defending the faith, Interpreter brings together many leading LDS scholars to provide rich insights into the LDS scriptures and to strengthen the faith of those examining LDS religion.
FairMormon (formerly known as The Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research) is a new group dedicated to providing an intelligent defense of the truth. Many serious and well written papers can be accessed at their site. One of many examples is there set of excellent reviews on The New Mormon Challenge, dealing with issues such as creation ex nihilo (out of nothing) versus the LDS view on creation. They also offer a useful and legal online version of the book, The Truth about "The God Makers" by Gilbert W. Scharffs. Scharffs' book provides point-by-point refutations of a popular but deceptive anti-Mormon book.
The four-volume Encyclopedia of Mormonism.
Outstanding modern resource filled with excellent, carefully written articles from many LDS experts.
Journal of Mormon History
A treasure trove of scholarship on LDS history from many perspectives. Each of the many volumes can be downloaded as PDF files. A remarkable resource! Courtesy of the Mormon History Association.
The Joseph Smith Papers
A vast project collectiing and analyzing all the documents from Joseph Smith.
LDS-Index.org: An alphabetically listed LDS index
Dorothy Peterson's valuable site catalogues a huge array of LDS works on the Web.
Latter-day Saint scriptures online
It's all there! You can also receive a free copy of the Book of Mormon there or by calling 1-877-537-0003.
Deseret Book
Popular LDS bookstore.
Russell Anderson's Response Page"
A collection of resources and discussion of common anti-Mormon attacks. There is also some fascinating information on some of the most famous professional anti-Mormons. Russell also offers some excellent resources on the Book of Mormon and on chiasmus.
Elden Watson's LDS pages
Information on the First Vision, plus a Book of Mormon timeline.
David Bowie's LDS pages and links (archived at Archive.org)
Gone but preserved via Archive.org, this excellent site includes the gem "Disputed Mormon Texts."
Kurt Neumiller's Latter-day Saint Seminar
Collection of many scholarly insights on the scriptures, arranged by chapters. Great resource for Gospel Doctrine preparation or personal study.
Faith: By Ted Meikle
An interesting LDS site. One interesting article, for example, is "Out of the Darkness: The Chiastic Structure of Christ's Introduction in 3 Nephi 9:13-22."
Allen Leigh's LDS Site
A novel site including many original writings of Allen Leigh. In addition to a variety of good essays, there is a valuable online book explaining much about LDS teachings. For example, you can read about the doctrine of our premortal existence.
Listen to Music and the Spoken World Online
A service of BYU-Idaho radio. Music and the Spoken Word is a popular Sunday morning radio program from the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, but it's very hard to find online. This is the only place I have found so far.

Latter-day Saint Scripture, Doctrine, and Conference Talks

Book of Mormon Online
Online text, and sophisticated search tools for the Book of Mormon.
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought
Sometimes controversial but often interesting.
General Conference Reports
The Church's website offers complete proceedings of General Conference since 1997.
Gospel Principles
A book published by the Church to teach basics of LDS belief and practice, available free online at the LDS Web site.
Latter-day Saint Christianity: Ten Basic Issues - an excellent online booklet that deals with some common questions and controversies about Latter-day Saint beliefs (also see the version at Archive.org).
A Web site by Bryan Richards aimed at teachers of Gospel Doctrine classes, currently providing helpful commentary on Book of Mormon passages. Subject to all the normal disclaimers of Web sites by private parties (no guarantee that the doctrine is correct - same as with my pages). The material can be very helpful.
The James E. Neumann Institute (www.neumanninstitute.org via secure TinyURL link)
Offering LDS Sunday School Lessons - a useful resource to help teachers prepare.
Official LDS Proclamation on the Family
A monumental, official declaration by the First Presidency.

Intellectual Issues: Evidence, Criticism, Thought

The Maxwell Institute
Great source of many outstanding books and article on ancient religion, LDS scripture, evidences, etc. One example of a free resource there is Judging and Prejudging the Book of Abraham. And don't miss the Nibley classics, "Leaders to Managers: The Fatal Shift" and "No, Ma'am, That's Not History."
A site dealing with historical and intellectual issues, including good answers to some common anti-Mormon questions.
BYU Scriptures Resource
Powerful tools to examine and search not just the scriptures but also LDS talks and sermons from General Conference and the Journal of Discourses.
Who Holds the Keys? (Pope or Prophet)"
A highly intellectual and civil debate between Barry Bickmore and Steve Clifford, a Catholic.
Come to Zarahemla
ComeToZarahemla.org is a site with many Book of Mormon insights and some evidences as well. Good resource.
The Book of Abraham Project
A great resource on the validity of the Book of Abraham. Also see Refutation of Criticisms on the Book of Abraham.
Historicity and the Latter-day Saint Scriptures
Free online book at BYU.edu. The book is Historicity and the Latter-day Saint Scriptures, ed. Paul Y. Hoskisson (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2001), which includes many chapters from various contributors, such as John Gee and Stephen D. Ricks, "Historical Plausibility: The Historicity of the Book of Abraham as a Case Study" (pp. 63–98).
Kevin Christensen's Commentaries Based on Margaret Barker's Works
Non-LDS scholar Margaret Barker has provided a rich vein of insights into ancient Judaism and the original temple that Kevin Christensen has expertly mined. There are some very powerful evidences for the ancient authenticity of the Book of Mormon and the restored LDS Temple concept. Remarkable.
Too Good To Be True: Questionable Archaeology and the Book of Mormon by Brant Gardner
Good rebuttal of a couple recent works relying on fraudulent artifacts to support particular theories for Book of Mormon geography (e.g., a geography based in North America).
BlackLDS.org (via secure TinyURL link)
A site dedicated to Black Members of the Church. Contains information about history, testimonies, etc.
Evidences for the Book of Mormon
The information included also provides links to other pages of mine, such as pages on The Book of Mormon and metal plates and chiasmus.
LDS FAQ (Mormon Answers)
Frequently asked questions about Latter-day Saint beliefs. Pages are offered covering common challenges to the Book of Mormon, attacks on the Church, the issue of prophets and apostles, baptism and baptism for the dead, the Book of Abraham, etc.
Ask Gramps
AskGramps.org is a friendly resource for asking questions about our religion. Many answers on far-reaching topics from people who know their faith well.
Mormonism and Early Christianity
An excellent site by Barry R. Bickmore with many essays showing that LDS theology is much closer to early Christianity than the mainstream Christianity of the day. Much in the original Gospel of Jesus Christ has been lost over the centuries, making a divine Restoration necessary. An example of Barry's essays is Mormonism and Early Christianity: The Nature of the Spirit World.
Restoring the Ancient Church: Joseph Smith and Early Christianity
Barry Bickmore's monumental book, archived version. Buy the updated one from Amazon.com. Worth studying. Also see a non-LDS review of the book that has many positive comments but some criticisms.
J.L. Carroll on Temples
Intelligent contributions on temples and their ancient roots.
The Word of Wisdom - The LDS Health Code
Text of the prophetic 1833 revelation to Joseph Smith. Agrees well with findings of modern science.
Reviews of "The God Makers"
Russ Anderson's page. Christian and Jewish leaders have spoken out against the vile techniques of this extreme anti-Mormon trash. Sadly, many continue to be deceived by its manipulative deceitfulness.
The 1996 Smithsonain Statement on the Book of Mormon
One of my Mormon Answers pages that examines the charges against the Book of Mormon made in their 1996 statement, which has since been discarded though still widely circulated by anti-Mormons.

LDS Blogs and Forums

My LDS blog dealing with Book of Mormon issues and other LDS matters.
Ploni Almoni Mormon
Stephen Smoot's LDS blog. Many excellent articles related to LDS scriptures and the ancient world. He also has a great collection of serious articles he has written.
The Interpreter Foundation Blog
Great posts from a leading source of scholarly information supporting the LDS scriptures, examining key issues in our faith, exploring current events related to the Church, and giving insights into our theology and history.
Times and Seasons
Scriptural Mormonism


The Prophet Joseph Smith's Testimony
The official words of Joseph Smith about his work and the First Vision. (Also see my LDSFAQ page for Questions About First Vision Accounts.)
The Mormon History Association
The Mormon Battalion
A great new Web resource about the history of the Mormon Battalion.
Times and Seasons
Online archives of an important early LDS publication (shortcut is to the CenterPlace.org site).
Historical Exhibit: "Into the Western Country"
This virtual exhibit from BYU's Harold B. Lee Library commemorates the Sesquicentennial of the arrival of the Mormon pioneers in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. It contains over 200 scanned images including descriptions, transcriptions, and full texts of original manuscripts and printed works produced between 1845 and 1863. It is provided by the Special Collections and Manuscripts Department of the library.
Latter-day Saints in Early Wisconsin
A discussion of the role that LDS people played in the early days of my state, Wisconsin. The page is based on work by Dr. David L. Clark at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
Mormon Studies Resources: A BYU Portal
Rich collection of resources. Includes links to journals, biographies, doctrinal sources, the arts, etc. From BYU.
The Joseph Smith Papers Projects
Monumental effort to collect and document all the papers available from Joseph Smith.
Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith in HTML and PDF formats.
Interesting and sometimes deep lectures and teachings.
The 26-volume Journal of Discourses in HTML and PDF formats.
Rich source of early talks, sermons, and other content. There's occasionally some very strange stuff in this, and some of it one really has to wonder what was actually said or meant.
The Joseph Smith chronology
A resource from BYU.
The Improvement Era, at Archive.org
A collection of old Improvement Era magazines that you can now view online. There is search capability, but it's hard to use. If you know the specific volume and issue you are looking for, you'll find it and be able to read it here.
The Millennial Star
An important era LDS publication.
Archived LDS Publications at Archive.org
This collection includes the Improvement Era and the Millennial Star mentioned above, plus The Instructor, The Juvenile Instructor, and The Contributor.
Abel Páez's The Third Convention Brings About Margarito Bautista's "New Jerusalem"
Fascinating LDS history from Mexico, 1936 to 1946, from Mormons in Mexico: Leadership, Nationalism, and the Case of the Third Convention by F. Lamond Tullis and Elizabeth Hernandez c. 1987, provided at OrsonPrattBrown.com.

Other Useful Sites and Pages

Online genealogy information - one of the greatest resources on the Web, sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Mormon Women (MormonWoman.org)
Understand Mormon beliefs and life through the insights of Mormon women. This site also includes the valuable Ask a Mormon Woman section where you can ask your questions of the bloggers and friends at this safe site.
Real Intent
An LDS blog with multiple authors.
Mormonism Unveiled
A pro-LDS blog showing some of the differences between myths and reality when it comes to Mormons.
Kerry A. Shirts' "Mormonism Researched" Pages
Just came back online in July 2001. One of my favorite LDS writers is back online, featuring loads of great research on the LDS scriptures and related topics. See, for example, his keystone page on Book of Mormon evidence or his pages on the Book of Abraham. Way to go, Kerry!
LDS Church News
The Church News is a weekly publication from the Church with Church-related news from all over the world. Great resource!
The Encyclopedia of Mormonism
A large source with extensive information on LDS history, perspectives, issues, the arts, etc.
BYU Journeys: Virtual Tours of LDS Historical Sites
The Nauvoo Times
Orson Scott Card's online LDS magazine supported by a mix of LDS writers, including yours truly.
LDS Apologetics in Portuguese
Poems of Susan Noyes Anderson
Susan is a respected poet and author with many books, articles, and poems that include many LDS perspectives. She shares many of her beautiful poems on her website. Thanks, Susan!
Forums for Latter-day Saints. Seems like a pretty popular site.
A site to reach other LDS people around the world. Also offers some great articles and thoughts.
Once known as Kim Siever's Home & Visiting Teaching Page, this resource provides lots of great tools and information to help LDS teachers in many roles.
Famous Mormons at FamousMormons.net.
Early Christians in Disarray
A scholarly examination of the early days of the Apostasy, including changes in scripture and doctrine that will interest LDS folks.
Of-Worth.com - for LDS women
A site with information, tips, and humor for LDS women and others.
The Apostasy: Part 1
Describes the apostasy, Greek ideas, the changing definitions of God, etc. Part 2 describes the changes in baptism as an example of apostasy. Excellent document.
Book of Mormon Witnesses
By Richard L. Anderson. See what historical scholarship reveals about the reliability of their eyewitness
Brant Gardner's Multidimensional Commentary (archived) on the Book of Mormon
A tremendous resource by a serious student of the Book of Mormon, providing commentary and background for every chapter. Archived. For best results, but the actual 6-volume book!
Dead Sea Scrolls -- Intro
(This is not an LDS page, but the Dead Sea Scrolls in general are of tremendous interest to students of the Book of Mormon, for they cast new light on some of the attitudes, practices and beliefs presented in the Book of Mormon for a Semitic people prior to the coming of Christ.) Also see "The Dead Sea Scrolls and Latter-day Truth" by Andrew C. Skinner.
The Legacy of the Brass Plates of Laban: A Comparison of Biblical and Book of Mormon Isaiah Texts
A book by H. Clay Gorton that shows the details of differences between the Book of Mormon and related passages quoted from the Bible. Good resource for study of textual differences.
Studia Antiqua
A BYU journal from students and faculty on topics related to the ancient world. Many interesting things relevant to the Bible and Book of Mormon.
For the Strength of the Youth
A PDF file of a popular Church booklet given to young people to teach them basic values. There is also an HTML version.
A popular site by Mike Gledhill, a Latter-day Saint offering abundant information about Gledhill genealogy and lore.
Dedicated to the promotion of the new Duty to God program for young men in the Church.
LDS Employment Center
A service of ProvidentLiving.org.
Polynesian Cultural Center (linked to BYU-Hawaii)
Sure hope I can visit this place someday. A wonderful attraction.
Set against stunning red bluffs of Navajo sandstone, Tuacahn in southern Utah offers one of the most spectacular outdoor settings for art and theatre that I have ever seen. I must strongly recommend the musical production "Utah!". Apart from a great plot, great acting, and fine singing, the special effects alone are worth seeing. (A flash flood is actually produced before your eyes on the outdoor stage.)
Utah's Dixie
One of the most interesting places on earth. My ancestors helped settle and build St. George and surrounding areas, and my grandfather taught at Dixie College in St. George. Love to visit!
Genealogy Resources - a page by Ancestral Quest
Cyndi's List of Family History Centers - extensive!
LDS resources in Chinese!
LDS Freedom Portal
A collection of resources for LDS people and others on the issue of libery and freedom.
Lincoln Hoppe
A talented LDS actor who appears to have an outstanding career ahead of him.
Community of Christ
A church with historical ties to the Latter-day Saints that parted ways with us after the death of Joseph Smith. Headquartered in Independence, Missouri, it has lots of great people in it and many who treasure the divine gift of scripture in the Book of Mormon.
A huge library of books, including many historical gems, that can be downloaded for free or purchased as inexpensive paperbacks.

Resources for Better Ministering and Coping with Challenges in Life

Resources from the Church.
Mental Health
Church resources and guidance related to mental health.
"Myths about Mental Illness," by Alexander B. Morrison, Ensign, Oct. 2005, p. 31.
Mental Health Resources from BYU's Counseling and Psychological Services.
Living Essentials - BYU TV
A TV series with helpful information related to mental health and other issues.
Facing Addiction: You Can Do This
Resource from the Mackay School of Education at BYU to help those dealing with addictions.
The P0rnography Monster
A talk given by Dr. Rick Moody at BYU in 2003.

Some of My Favorite LDS Books

The writings of Hugh Nibley, though too numerous to even begin listing, must be mentioned first. Radical, challenging, informative, and always entertaining, he's worth reading again and again. Some more recent writings by others will be mentioned specifically:

Book of Mormon Authorship Revisited: The Evidence for Ancient Origins, edited by Noel B. Reynolds, Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, Provo, Utah, 1997. 574 pages, $19.95. Free online! This is one of the two or three best books on Book of Mormon evidences and scholarship that I've seen. This up-to-date, carefully documented volume of works by significant scholars covers some of the most important and interesting issues about Book of Mormon authorship. These are issues that LDS people ought to understand and issues that critics cannot honestly continue to ignore: Lehi's journey through the Arabian Peninsula and the extremely powerful evidence of authenticity that it provides; the testimony of the witnesses; internal and external evidences for how the translation occurred; the significance of chiasmus; the latest in wordprint analysis; the Book of Mormon as a Mesomaerican record; the significance of alleged anachronisms; and so forth. I strongly recommend this book.

Are Mormons Christians? by Stephen E. Robinson, Bookcraft, Salt Lake City, 1991.133 pages, $8.95. Latter-day Saints are usually shocked or dismayed when they first earn that some ministers tell their congregations that "Mormons" don't believe in Christ. To us who believe in Christ, worship Christ, and look to Him for salvation, it's amazing to hear others try to tell us what we believe and to argue that we aren't Christian. Robinson thoroughly explains the various angles of attack that critics take when attempting to deny our faith in Christ or in trying to scare others into thinking that we reject Christ. For each of these attacks, he carefully shows the inconsistency of the critic's position - typically demonstrating that the specially created definitions of "Christian" used by critics to exclude us also would exclude Christ, the Apostles, and early mainstream Christians as well, along with some modern, indisputable Christians like C.S. Lewis. Robinson's documentation on the development of the post-Biblical doctrine of the Trinity, for example, is well worth the price of the book, as is the documentation he provides on early Christian beliefs such as an understanding of the divine potential of faithful sons and daughters of God. He also considers carefully what the definition of "Christian" must be, based on the teachings of the Bible, for example. Excellent scholarship, abundant documentation, careful thinking and clear writing make this a useful tool in understanding where critics are coming from and how unfair many of their arguments are. (After all, if Christ was a "non-Christian cultist," as He would be according to the twisted definitions used by many of our critics, then I guess I want to be one too!)

FARMS Reviews of Books and originally, Review of Books on the Book of Mormon. These publications, now archived at ScholarsArchive.BYU.edu (search for items or use the drop-down box to select specific volumes), offer some of the best resources for intellectually refuting the arguments of many popular anti-Mormon publications. Each issue features numerous reviews of LDS by outstanding writers. No longer published, that torch is now carried by The Interpreter Foundation.

An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon, by John L. Sorenson, Deseret Book Comp., Salt Lake City, UT, 1985. Shows that a plausible setting for the Book of Mormon exists with the "narrow neck of land" being the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (southern Mexico/Guatemala area). Fascinating confirmations are considered in terms of climate, geography, the existence of written language, cultural issues, secret societies, the use of metal, etc. One of the most powerful intellectual works on the Book of Mormon, by a reputable anthropologist who uses solid scholarly methods. Provides detailed maps of likely locations for cities, rivers, valleys, lakes, etc., mentioned in the Book of Mormon. The fact that such a thing is possible is overwhelming evidence for authenticity, given that almost nothing was known about the area in Joseph Smith's day.

Reexploring the Book of Mormon, edited by John Welch, Deseret Book Comp., Salt Lake City, UT, 1992. Short and powerful summaries of new research over the past decade or so on the Book of Mormon. This book is a compilation of "FARMS Updates" from the Maxwell Institute (formerly the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies).

Rediscovering the Book of Mormon, edited by John L. Sorenson and Melvin J. Thorne, Deseret Book Comp., Salt Lake City, UT, 1991. Twenty-three chapters by various authors exploring different aspects of the Book of Mormon, including the topics of language (especially chiasmus and Hebraisms); society, politics, and war; original authors and their sources; and unifying themes.

In the Footsteps of Lehi by Warren P. Aston and Michael K. Aston, Deseret Book Comp., Salt Lake City, UT, 1994. This book provides compelling, solid evidence for Book of Mormon authenticity based on recent discoveries in the Arabian peninsula. Likely candidates for Nahom and Bountiful have been located in the right places and with the right characteristics, making the account of 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon right on the money in ways that would have been impossible to fabricate in 1830. See my review on the Book of Mormon Evidences Page.

Offenders for a Word: How Anti-Mormons Play Word Games to Attack the Latter-day Saints (also available via Archive.org, with better formatting) by Daniel C. Peterson and Stephen D. Ricks, Aspen Books, Salt Lake City, UT, 1992. Free online! A thorough and scholarly discussion of the many attacks used by critics to argue the Latter-day Saints aren't Christian. Extremely well researched and documented, this resource is often offers surprising and unexpected insights into Christianity, the New Testament, the apostasy, and the ancient religious world.

Environmentalism and the Gospel by Gale Lyle Pooley, Analytica, P.O. Box 2513, Sun Valley, ID 83353, 1995. Softbound, 162 pages. A careful, scholarly, but highly readable discussion of the philosophical and theological underpinnings behind various branches of environmentalism, including an incisive discussion of the coercive anti-population movement. Discusses the relationship between the Gospel and environmentalism. Excellent analysis of population and scarcity. Well documented. Useful in dealing with misinformation about the overhyped overpopulation crisis. The writing is excellent and thought-provoking. Even if you think you'll disagree, this work warrants attention.

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