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Recent news: Disney's animated Paperman is now online. Wired has a story on Paperman's online debut.

Good Starting Points

An excellent starting point is PaperOnWeb - a huge collection of links relating to the paper industry, divided into groups such as pulp producers, paper producers, chemical suppliers, consultants, etc.

Also see the smaller but useful Pulp and Paper Canada List of Links.

The Wisconsin Paper Council is a trade association of 28 paper companies in Wisconsin. In addition to corporate links, there is useful information about papermaking, history, new, etc.

Forestry Sites
Large collection of links and resources related to the forestry index.

Forestry Resources Online
A collection of useful forestry resources. Kudos to Timothy for his work in making this!
A leading source of information and a popular newsletter on forestry and forest products community on the Internet.
Another useful resource. Includes the Logging and Sawmilling Journal.

Pulp and Paper:

Universities and Research Organizations

Alabama Center for Paper and Bioresource Engineering at Auburn University
The missions of AC-PABE are to provide undergraduate, graduate and continuing education in science and engineering relevant to the needs of the pulp, paper and bio-resource industries, to conduct fundamental and applied research in line with the industry's research agenda, etc. Auburn University's AC-PABE is the nation's only pulp, paper and bio-resource research and education center that offers undergraduate curricula with pulp, paper and bio-resource specializations for chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering students, and a multidisciplinary research environment for engineering graduate students and faculty. Amazing place!

The Institute of Paper Science and Technology
The former private graduate school supporting the paper industry has now been assimilated into Georgia Tech. This site includes general information on IPST research programs, facilities, sponsors, their paper museum, and so forth. Be sure to take the excellent virtual tour of Robert C. Williams Paper Museum. An example of the work being done at Georgia Tech/IPST is that of Dr. Art Ragauskas.

FP Innovations
The North American group that brings together FERIC (Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada), Forintek, Paprican, and the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre of Natural Resources Canada, to create the world's largest private, not-for-profit forest research institute. With over 600 employees spread across Canada, FPInnovations unites the individual strengths of each of these internationally recognized forest research and development institutes into a single, greater force.

University of Maine's Chem. and Biological Eng. Dept.
The department offers a B.Sc. in Paper Surface Science Program to train graduate students in performing scientific research on projects of value to the sponsoring industries. Also of interest is the University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation and the Process Development Center.

North Carolina State: Department of Forest Biomaterials
NC State's Department of Wood and Paper Science is now the Department of Forest Biomaterials. This has been one of the nation's leading departments in this area for over 50 years. The Department of Forest Biomaterials conducts interdisciplinary teaching, research and extension initiatives across the areas of wood products, paper science and engineering, and forest biomaterials. "Through these activities, we create and promote new ways to derive sustainable value from nature, develop responsible leaders for the forest products, paper and pulp industries and contribute to the economic wellbeing of North Carolina and beyond."

Oregon State University
This site for the College of Forestry includes useful pages about forest products and careers. You may also wish to visit the Oregon State Forest Products Department.

Western Michigan's Department of Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Imaging
Information on classes, facilities, pilot plants, and faculty. The department offers B.S. degrees in Paper Engineering, Paper Science, Chemical Engineering, and Imaging. M.S. and PhD degrees are offered in Paper and Imaging Science and Engineering. The Chemical Engineering program offers the unique areas of concentration in Paper, Life Sciences, Energy, and Environment. They recently modified the Imaging program to reflect changes in the industry including high speed digital printing and color management.

University of Tennessee Forest Products Center
Through the Institute of Agriculture, they have programs in composite materials, drying, multisensor systems and intelligent manufacturing for the forest products industries.

University of Washington: School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
The University of Washington offers graduate programs in Paper Science and Engineering leading to a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

McMaster Centre for Pulp & Paper Research
The McMaster Centre is part of the Chemical Engineering Department at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Now part of FPInnovations, Paprican, the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada, is the largest pulp and paper research and technology institute in the world. Paprican's education program has two parts: post-graduate teaching and research at university centres and professional development short courses offered for member company staff. Paprican has pulp and paper centers at McGill University, the University of British Columbia, and Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal.

Inventia (formerly STFI - The Swedish Pulp and Paper Research Institute)
Innventia offers outstanding Swedish technology and highly innovative teams seeking to take the paper industry to the next level of competitiveness.

The Pulp and Paper Centre at the University of British Columbia
This is a good site, but it uses large graphics files, making access slow for graphical browsers. The Director is Dr. Richard Kerekes. (Also visit the UBC Department of Wood Science.)

Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
Formerly the Wood and Paper Science Department, this department is part of the College of Natural Resources at the University of Minnesota. Department faculty members conduct teaching, research, and extension programs in the areas of bioproducts, and biosystems, with a variety of majors offered, including Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, and also Bio-based Products Marketing and Management. The department is located in St. Paul.

Paper Science and Engineering at SUNY-Syracuse
The paper page for the State Univ. of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Also the host for ESPRI, the Empire State Paper Research Institute.

Herty Foundation
A unique pilot facility in Savannah, Georgia used by many companies and schools for research in papermaking.

Centre Technique du Papier (CTP)
CTP (or the Pulp and Paper Research and Technical Centre) is a leading paper research institute in Grenoble, France. (You may wish to use the English version of their Website.) They have pilot facilities such as a bleach plant, paper machine, coaters, recycle, and printing equipment, and do contract research for many companies. They also develop analytical instruments. A subsidiary of CTP is Techpap, which commercializes the inventions from CTP.

Miami University - Department of Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering
(This is the university in Ohio, not Florida.) Miami University has a long tradition of being a leading school with academic programs and research related to the forest products industries.

Univ. of Toronto Chem. Eng. Dept.

Paper Science at UMIST (Univ. of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology)
A good university in the United Kingdom with a well known program in paper physics and paper technology. Of particular interest is the web page of Professor C.T.J. Dodson, who offers an extensive web site dealing with the mathematics of paper physics.

YKI - Institute for Surface Chemistry
A Swedish research institute with a focus on paper-related surface chemistry. YKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry and its parent company, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden recently merged.

Professional Organizations and Non-profit Groups

TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industries)
TAPPI has finally has got a Web site now - and it's good. This site features information on conferences and other events, publications, and more. An excellent feature is the listing of executive summaries of Tappi Journal articles (beginning with July 1995). You can also see technical programs of upcoming conferences. Well done, TAPPI!

The American Forest & Paper Association
AF&PA is a large U.S. trade association, actively engaged in public relations, lobbying, and promotion of the forest products industries. It was once called the American Paper Institute. Their attractive site is informative and interesting.

The Paper Industry Research Association in the United Kingdom is an important organization promoting research and disseminating practical information about packaging, papermaking, and related technologies. Their web site has grown significantly in the past year.

Forest Industry Suppliers and Logging Association (FISLA)
FISLA is an independent Canadian-based non-profit industry organization devoted to the sustainable development of all forest industry sectors. FISLA consists mainly of companies that provide a variety of goods and services (including logging) to primary producers.

The Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies
The Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies is a joint venture between the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Pulp and Paper Industry. The overall mission of the Center is to become the preeminent business studies research and education enterprise dedicated to issues of the Paper Industry worldwide.

The Forest Products Society
The society is in Madison, Wisconsin. It is a "non-profit organization promoting technical information transfer to further the socially beneficial use of wood and fiber resources." They publish the Forest Products Journal.

Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada
A membership organization of technically oriented people seeking to improve their own technical and scientific competence and to raise the technology of the Canadian pulp and paper industry. They sponsor significant technical meetings and expositions, among other things, and major publications. (Link is a secure shortcut to

The Forest Products Association of Canada
FPAC seeks to be the voice of Canada's wood, pulp, and paper producers in government, trade, and environmental affairs. FPAC represents the largest Canadian producers of forest products. Our members are responsible for 75% of the working forests in Canada. Third-party certification of member companies' forest practices is a condition of membership in the Association -- a world first. Canada's forest products industry is an $80 billion dollar a year industry that represents 2% of Canada's GDP. The industry is one of Canada's largest employers, operating in hundreds of Canadian communities and providing nearly 900,000 direct and indirect jobs across the country.

Paper Industry International Hall of Fame
Recognizing people who have made major contributions to the paper industry. The Hall of Fame also displays historical elements of the industry at its new home and provides an educational center for industry advancement.

The Society of Wood Science and Technology

NAPL (National Association of Printers & Lithographers)
A technical organization for those in the graphic arts industries.

The Corrugated Packaging Council
The CPC develops and coordinates industry-wide programs to address corrugated packaging issues. Its mission is to increase awareness of corrugated's performance and environmental attributes, and to promote corrugated recycling. The site includes information on performance of corrugated materials, environmental issues, and news.

Wisconsin Paper Council
A network of papermakers in Wisconsin. This site includes a basic tour of the papermaking process (good for kids).
A network of printing and paper companies.

International Sanitary & Supply Association

Quebec Forest Industries Council (QFIA)
The Quebec Forest Industries Council ( represents major pulp and paper producers and lumber producers in Quebec.

The Paper Federation of Great Britain
An informative site covering interesting topics concerning the environment, the industry, and legislation.

AIChE Home Page
It's not forest products per se, but it's vital for chemical engineers. This useful site provides information on upcoming meetings - including many extended abstracts online - as well as info on other divisions, AIChE activities, etc.

Pulp and Paper Manufacturers

American Fine Paper Company
Located in Appleton, Wisconsin, AFP specializes in the purchase and sale of bond, offset, kraft and newsprint in rolls and skids of sheets. AFP has 22 paper mills in the Fox River Valley producing printing and writing papers.

Arctic Paper (Poland)
A fine paper manufacturer in Poland with many products and a rich history dating back to 1740. Link is a secure shortcut to

Apvion (formerly Appleton)
Originally known as Appleton Papers and then Appleton Paper or just Appleton, the newly named Appvion is a large and innovative paper company head-quartered in--you guessed it--Appleton, Wisconsin. Appvion produces carbonless and thermal papers, labels, etc., as well as many specialty coated papers. They developed the microencapsulation process behind carbonless paper.

Arjowiggins ( has been at the forefront of the move towards environmentally-friendly paper and paper incorporating security requirements. They have 6,300 employees and 27 production facilities as of 2010. Arjowiggins is a leading producer of abrasive base papers and sterile packaging, and is ranked No. 3 in synthetic papers and sterile wraps and No. 4 in decorative paper.

Asia Pulp and Paper: Asia Pulp and Paper (China) and Asia Pulp and Paper (Indonesia)
One of the world's largest and fastest growing paper companies, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) produces paper in China, Indonesia, and a few other sites, relying on advanced plantations for pulp and using some of the most advanced machines in the world. APP (China)'s recent sustainability reports show good examples of taking proactive steps to solve the challenges of sustainability. (Disclaimer: the webmaster here is currently working for APP in Shanghai.)

Atlas Paper Mills (Florida)
A historic mill in Florida that has been green for a long time.

Bel Papyrus
A leading paper company in Africa.

Boise Inc
Boise is the third-largest North American manufacturer of uncoated freesheet paper, with a focus on office paper. Manufactures packaging products under the Boise®, Hexacomb®, and Tharco® brands in plants across the United States and in Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. U.S. mills are in the South, Midwest, and West. (NYSE: BZ)

Buckeye Technology
A leading producer of absorbent fibers and airlaid nonwovens for personal care markets. (NYSE: BKI).

Catalyst Paper
Western North America's largest manufacturer of mechanical writing paper (paper made from mechanically produced pulp as opposed to chemically cooked pulp).

Canfor Corporation
A British Columbian company that recently acquired Slocan. Their web site includes a great deal of information, including materials for teachers to help in educating about forests and environmental issues.

Clampitt Paper
A small company in Texas with a long tradition of making fine papers. A creative site.

Crane & Co.
Founded in 1801, Crane & Co. is a world leader in the production of secure papers for currency and official documents. Located in Dalton, Massachusetts. They also offer business and nonwoven papers.

Domtar (Canada)
Domtar is a major forest products company in Canada, producing pulp, paper, construction materials, etc. This site may be THE PREMIER CORPORATE SITE in terms of its educational benefit. In particular, their Forest Academy is definitely one of the best sites on the Web about forest products. I wish more paper companies offered educational features in their web site!

Expera Specialty Solutions

A large North American specialty paper company with four mills in Wisconsin. Their business includes acquisitions from Thilmany and Wausau Paper's specialty paper.

Formerly Specialty Paperboard. They produce specialty fiber materials, including paper and synthetics. They have nine production facilities in the US and Europe.

Fibria is a major producer of eucalyptus pulp in Brazil. Formed as a merger between Aracruz and VCP, Fibria is a major global exporter of pulp. They produce 6 million tons per year of pulp and paper in 7 factories distributed in 5 Brazilian states. Innovation in plantation management and tree genetics are an important part of their story.

Finch, Pruyn & Co.
This small company in Upstate New York has historic roots and a fine web site with a lot of information (including history dating back to 1865). They produce fine coated papers.

Fox River Paper Company
A leading manufacturer of premium writing, text and cover papers. Founded in 1883 and located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Their CEO, Bob Buchanan of Appleton, was named PIMA's 2000 Executive of the Year.

A giant in papermaking and forest products. GP's paper products include tissue (bath tissue, facial tissue, napkins, etc.), cups, packaging, specialty papers, and more. GP is also a major producer of building products such as plywood, gypsum, etc.

P.H. Glatfelter
A paper company that produces tobacco papers, printing paper, and specialty papers. Headquartered in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. The company also runs subsidiaries in Australia and Canada, including the Glatfelter Pulp Wood Co. Their Website provides an overview of the pulp and paper industry, as well as the forest preservation efforts of the company.

Graphic Packaging International
Formerly Riverwood. The GPI story is a tale of two companies. First began in 1923 as the Brown Paper Company, the first in America to produce sheet kraft paper and linerboard. The company went on to pioneer numerous packaging machines and paperboard products over the years, first as Brown, then Olin Mathieson Chemical, Manville Forest Products and finally Riverwood International. The second company was Coors Paper Packaging, created to meet some of the unique packaging challenges for beer. As its capabilities grew, it became Advanced Packaging Technology and then Graphic Packaging. Riverwood and Graphic Packaging joined forces in 2003. GPI operates several paper mills, many converting facilities and several machinery manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Hollingsworth & Vose Co.
Founded in 1843 and headquartered in East Walpole, Massachusetts, H & V offers specialty, industrial and technical papers and nonwovens. Process capabilities include wet laid, dry laid, meltblown and composite technologies.

Inveresk PLC
A British company that acquired Weir Paper. Inveresk offers a useful How We Make Paper section on their site with a link to an interesting video.

International Paper
One of the world's largest and most diverse paper companies with operations in 31 countries and numerous products, including printing and writing papers, fluff pulp, market pulp, linerboard and corrugated boxes, packaging, etc. The newly updated web site provides basic information about the company - along with an enjoyable and creative section on their new packaging product for six-packs. They also have (or had - things change so quickly!) a site used as a recruiting tool. (IP recently acquired Union Camp.)

Johnson Corrugated Products, Corp.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
K-C is the world's largest producer of tissue, including facial tissue, bath tissue, and paper towels. Personal care items such as disposable diapers and feminine care products are also an important part of this large company, along with nonwoven materials and other products. In 1995, K-C merged with Scott Paper Company and now has operations in 35 countries.

Klabin Paper (Brazil)
A Brazilian paper company with an interesting history.

Kruger is a diversified maker of paper products based in Montreal.

Marcal Paper Products
Marcal offers 100% recycled tissue and other products. Their site is a good source of recycling information.

MeadWestvaco Corporation
MeadWestvaco is a large and diverse paper company (packaging, imaging technologies, coated papers, chemical products, etc.), combining the expertise of the former Westvaco and Mead companies. As one interesting example of their modern approach to business, MeadWestvaco has launched MeadWestvaco Intelligent Systems, a group looking at high-tech solutions to better meet the needs of their customers. These solutions include RFID technology andother tools to give retailers real-time item-level inventory visibility for improved store performance.

Menasha Corporation
Founded in 1849 and located in Neenah, Wisconsin, Menasha Corporation operates more than 60 facilities serving various industries such as packaging, promotional graphics, materials handling, polymer technologies, and paperboard. Menasha Corp. is in the midst of a wave of layoffs in 1999.

Minas Basin Pulp and Paper
A Nova Scotia company making 100% recycled paper.

Mohawk Paper
A paper company in New York that produces a variety of paper grades, including premium writing papers, artist papers, and papers for digital printing. A fourth-generation family-owned business and the first U.S. paper mill to match 100% of its electricity with renewable wind power and the first U.S. premium paper mill to shift toward carbon neutral production.

This African company is the second largest packaging company in the Southern Hemisphere and includes Nampak Tissue Division in South Africa. There are a variety of mills and offices in several countries.

Nexfor is a forest products company divested from Noranda in 1998. Northwood Pulp is now a part of Nexfor.

Norske Skog
This Norwegian company specializes in wood-containing printing papers and is one of the world's largest producers of newsprint.

Packaging Corporation of America
Formerly Tenneco Packaging.

Potlatch Corporation
Centered in Spokane, Washington, Potlatch is a forest products company with about 1.5 million acres of timberland in Arkansas, Idaho and Minnesota. They manufacture wood products, coated printing papers, bleached paperboard, premium private-label tissue products and market pulp.

Procter and Gamble
A major producer of tissue and absorbent articles, along with many other consumer products. Procter has operations in 140 countries.


This is an international forest products group based in South Africa.They have a production capacity of over 3.2 million tons of paper and 2.6 million tons of pulp per year.

Resolute Forest Products
Formerly AbitibiBowater, Resolute ( is one of the largest paper companies in the world and the largest recycler of newspapers and magazines in North America. They produce range of newsprint and coated and specialty papers, market pulp and wood products globally.

Solaris Paper Group
Solaris Paper, Inc. is the North American Sales and Marketing group for Private Label and the LIVI® branded products. They manufacture towel and tissue products from Sinarmas pulp. Sinarmas is one of the largest pulp and paper producers in the world. Sinarmas uses 100% sustainable virgin fiber ensuring the highest quality and the most reliable products. Raw materials are sourced from Sinarmas' own plantations of over 1.9 million acres of eucalyptus, poplar and acacia trees.

Sonoco is a global packaging corporation employing 19,000 people. They are especially known for their paper tubes and cores for wound rolls, produced with special proprietary methods. They also produce grocery bags, composite cans, pressure-sensitive labels, etc.

Smurfit-Stone Container
Stone Container and Jefferson Smurfit merged resulting in this large holding company that specializes in corrugated board and packaging materials. Now they are expanding into RFID and a variety of other innovative packaging solutions. (NYSE: SSCC)

A large global forest products company headquartered in Helsinki, the result of a merger between the Scandinavian companies, Stora and Enso. They have also acquired Consolidated Papers. Stora Enso is an integrated paper, packaging and forest products company producing newsprint, magazine paper, fine paper, consumer board, industrial packaging and wood products. Stora Enso Group has 36,000 employees in more than 40 countries on five continents and is said to be the world's largest producer paper and board. According to Wikipedia's article on Stora Enso, they may be the world's oldest limited liability company: "Originally known as Stora Kopparberg, it was granted a charter from King Magnus IV of Sweden in 1347. The first share in the company is however dated already in 1288 and mining in the mountain had started possibly much earlier."

SCA - Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget
A large Swedish company. SCA has 35,000 employees and deals with paper and packaging, primarily in Europe. SCA is also one of the biggest private forest owners in Europe with extensive research in forestry and pulp and paper manufacturing.

A new and interesting site with information about Tembec's history, operations, products, environmental and forest management activities as well as financial results, company news and employment opportunities.

Recycled, "tree-free" paper products - including pens and materials made from circuit boards.

UPM, the Biofore Company
Formerly known as UPM-Kymmene, this Finnish company is one of the largest forest products companies in the world. It deals in areas such as production of chemical pulp, sawmilling, plywood, papers for office and printing use, and magazines, advertising materials and sales catalogs.

Wausau Paper Mills
Headquartered in Wausau, Wisconsin, they manufacture uncoated printing, writing and imaging papers, specializing in colored papers.

Whatman Company
A major producer of filter paper, engineered fibers, and special cellulose products for scientific applications, including diagnostic devices for a wide variety of analysis and separation techniques. Their Website is informative and interesting.

With nearly 40,000 employees and over 5 million acres of US forests, Weyerhaeuser is a major player in the forest products industries. They grow and harvest timber and make products such as building materials, pulp, paper, specialized fibers and other products. They lead the world in market pulp production.

Willamette Industries
Based in Portland, Oregon and founded in 1906, Willamette has two major product lines. Its Building Materials Group manufactures lumber, plywood, composite panels and custom products as well as engineered wood products. Its Paper Group manufactures business forms, fine paper products, market pulp, and unbleached paper products such as corrugated boxes and bags and sacks. They also produce their own inks and printing plates for several custom applications.

Other Commercial Sites: Labs, Consultants, Vendors, Consumer Products

ABB Pulp and Paper Solutions
This section of ABB's Web site deals with their offerings for the pulp and paper industries. ABB is large company that provides process control systems, drives, instruments, and energy systems for the paper industry (and other industries as well).

A home page for Ahlstrom, offering links to their annual report, product sectors, office locations, and "Ahlstrom scenery" - the latter has very big graphics files that may download slowly.

Air Products
This large company provides resources, technology, and expertise for bleaching operations (including oxygen and ozone bleaching), environmental operations (air pollution control and water quality), and other aspects of pulp and papermaking. The site is attractive and well organized, with many pages and lots of information.

Major chemical supplier for the paper industry. Includes the technologies acquired from Eka Chemicals.

American Fine Paper
A supplier of fine printing paper made in mills in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin.

Andritz Group
This large Austrian company has paper and packaging division that provides machinery and unit operations for the pulp and paper industries, including recycling systems, systems for tissue paper mills, and systems for pulping and bleaching. They also have a kraft pulp division.

Babcock and Wilcox
Power generation, recovery boilers, and process control for the pulp and paper industries is just part of what this large and historic company does. Their web site is heavy on graphics (including animation) and offers many pages of information.

Bayer AG
A large supplier of chemicals for the pulp and paper industries and many other industries, as well. Dyes, fluorescent whiteners, pigments, fillers, and fixation agents are among the chemicals they offer.

Buckman Labs
Chemistry services and chemical products for the paper industry. This web site offers some of its information in four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French. Nice! The photos of microbes offered at this site are especially interesting.

A major supplier of dyes and other chemicals (bleaching agents, wet end chemicals, barrier coatings, etc.).

Delta Training
A consulting firm specializing in training for personnel in the forest products industries. Their site offers a good demo of a training module for a chip screening system with information about the equipment.

ECC International Europe
ECC International is part of English China Clays, dealing primarily in speciality minerals and chemicals. ECC International is the minerals division and is the world's largest producer of white speciality minerals, many of which are used in the paper industry (e.g., coatings and fillers).

Econotech Services
Econotech is an independent laboratory providing services to the pulp and paper industries. This site is maintained by Graham Vandegriend, "full-time microscopist/wood technologist and part-time webmaster."

GL&V/Celleco AB
An international supplier of separation technology solutions for the forest products industries. Based in Sweden, they provide centrifugal pulp cleaners, stock deaeration systems, fiber recovery and dewatering filters, screw presses, and recycled fiber systems.

Harris Associates
A job-search firm specializing in the paper and forest products industries. You can register as a candidate online.

Heidelberg USA
Suppliers of advanced printing and bindery equipment.

HeatWave Drying
This commercial site offers information on radio frequency drying technologies for wood products and other materials.

Honeywell Controls
(I did not find specific pulp and paper information at this graphics-intensive site.)

Indufor of Finland
A consulting firm whose services cover forest industry and environmental management.

IPS (formerly Integrated Paper Services)
A test lab and consulting service in Appleton, Wisconsin, with some of the best testing services and problem solving capabilities in the industry (multiple industries, actually). Their world-class staff features some of the past stars of the Institute of Paper Chemistry.

Jaakko Poyry
Jaakko Poyry is a major global player among forest products consultancies and apparently have the largest engineering group for forest products in the world. They also own Marathon Engineering in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Johnson Screens
Manufacturer of a popular solid-liquid separator, widely used in the paper industry.

Kadant Black Clawson
A supplier of major equipment to the paper industry, including paper recycling systems, approach flow systems, and pulp processing equipment. Located in Mason, Ohio.

KDM International
A forest products company in the UK, offering market reports and other information.

Metso Corp.
A giant firm that comprises several former equipment manufactures such as Valmet, Sunds Defibrator, and others. Metso Paper specializes in pulp, paper and power generation industry processes, machinery, equipment and aftermarket services. Offerings extend over the entire life cycle of the process, covering new lines, rebuilds and various services. They also offer control and automation systems.

Fabio Perini
A famous maker of converting equipment for the paper industry, headquartered in Lucca, Italy.

PPG (Pittsburgh Plate and Glass) produces many chemicals used in the paper industry.

RISI Info ( - an organization that provides some of the best and deepest economic information about the forest products industries. It also has hosts some of the best technical and trade conferences in the field.

A Finish company specializing in roll wrapping systems and bulk material handling for the forest products industry.

Formerly Tenneco Packaging, Pactiv is a large, publicly trade company with a variety of consumer and B2B products including fiber-based materials such as paper plates and wipes. An innovative company with headquarters near Chicago, Illinois.

The 3M Innovation Page
The 3M site offers some great information and ideas about how to organize and manage research to promote innovation. 3M produces many paper-related products, including masking and packaging systems.

Thompson Analytic International
A firm that deals with the areas of marketing communications and support, community relations, recycling and strategic services.

VanNatta Logging and Forestry
An excellent guide to logging machinery - but it's much more than that. This is a Web site loaded with personality and interesting information. Classy and interesting. Offers extensive text about logging trucks, equipment, etc., as well as information on Oregon. There is also a photographic history of the VanNatta Family, whose ancestors have been logging in Columbia County Oregon for many years.

Voith, Inc.
A major supplier of equipment and technology to the paper industry. This interesting site has many pages with photos of equipment and information about their technology and businesses.

A supplier of paper machine clothing.

Manufacturers of idler rolls, heat transfer rolls, vacuum rolls, custom machines, etc. Located in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Third-party Information about Paper-related Companies


US Forest Service
A very useful site providing extensive information related to US forests and USDA-sponsored research activities.

US Dept. of Agriculture home page

The Forest Products Laboratory
FPL is in Madison, Wisconsin, and is run under the auspices of the US Forest Service (USDA). The FPL site provides information on research (and allows you to order articles) on topics such as recycling, pulp and paper technology, wood use, and more.

Learn about new and proposed regulations.

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

Magazines and Miscellaneous Information Sources

An excellent, free magazine for those in the paper industry. One of my favorites. 

Pulp and Paper magazine
An excellent trade journal is now represented on the Web. This useful site features headlines, subscription information, and some news.

Tappi Journal
One of the best sources of technical information about the pulp and paper industries, as well as nonwovens. Online abstracts are available. Nicely done! This is one of the key epicenters of information for the paper industry.

Paper360 (from TAPPI)
TAPPI's Paper360 offers a 360-degree view of the paper industry is provided by this outstanding and very readable monthly magazine.

Nip Impressions
Rich source of information about the paper industry, including paper stocks, fun facts, and news. A longstanding and trusted source for many.

Paper Industry Magazine
A new source of news for those in the paper industry. Their online resources provide a good way to check out upcoming events, new products, and industry news.

Perini Journal
A beautiful and interesting production from Fabio Perini, a famous maker of converting equipment for the paper industry, headquartered in Lucca, Italy. The Perini Journal is the main trade journal in the world completely dedicated to the tissue paper industry. According to Wikipedia, it is published in two yearly issues and in two different editions: the western, in Italian/English language, with an average printed copies of 17,500; and the eastern, in English/Chinese language, with an average printed copies of 2,500. The illustrations are made by world-renowned Italian painter Guido Scarabottolo. One of the nicest magazines you'll ever pick ip. Thick, high quality, fun.

Progress in Paper Recycling
An outstanding journal, now published through TAPPI, that provides useful information and forum on the science and engineering of paper recycling. Covers many aspects of recycling technology, waste paper sources and uses, deinking, recent patents, related university research, etc. Founded in 1991 by Dr. Mahendra Doshi.

J-For (The Journal of Science and Technology for Forest Products and Processes)
A publication of PAPTAC (the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada).

The Textile Institute and Textiles Magazine

The Forest Products Engineers Association (PI of Finland)
PI, formerly the Finnish Paper Engineers' Association, is a renowned organization with member companies that helps advance the forest products industry through creative engineering.

Alliance For Environmental Technology
Fascinating and thorough site - and possibly controversial. AET is "an international alliance of chemical manufacturers and forest products companies dedicated to advancing the environmental performance of the pulp and paper industry."
The site they provide is an extensive resource representing much of the paper industry on environmental issues related to bleaching. AET promotes the use of chlorine dioxide bleaching (rather than TCF) for reducing toxicity of effluents. This site offers thorough discussions, technical articles, and news, with attractive graphics, good layout, and generally good content. Many articles on environmental issues, with graphs, charts, and references. Features news articles, scientific discussion, etc. Highly recommended.

Recycler's World
A large commercial site with extensive information on recycling in general, including some on waste paper. Information includes listings of key organizations (such as AF&PA), magazines, and vendors of recycled materials. Rated as a "Top 5%" web site by Point Communications, but this site doesn't seem especially helpful for the pulp and paper crowd.

Pulp and Paper Net
Register for this free service to access information about suppliers, trade shows, etc. New and growing.

Converting Quarterly
The official technical magazine of AIMCAL, this covers the web-processing technologies of solution, extrusion and vacuum coating; laminating; film manufacturing; flexographic and gravure printing; slitting, sheeting and other finishing methods. Each issue features expert technical content, including insights from industry consultants.

The Paper Industry Web of Luigi Bagnato (archived)
Luigi Bagnato's outstanding service, kept alive by, provides information about finishing and converting. On the lighter side, he also provides a page about making trees out of paper. Clever and funny.
Loads of information and resources pertaining to wood and woodworking.

The Cotton Online Resource
Yes, it's cotton, but there's a lot for forest products people to learn from this area. The Cotton Online Resource, for example, offers an extremely valuable page called "Cotton for Nonwovens" that provides insight into cellulose chemistry, properties, etc., with respect to cotton, of course.

The POZONE process for ozone bleaching of paper
Information on some books by Dr. Mahendra Patel related to the paper industry and some news from the industry.

Gas Research Institute
GRI promotes research in several paper-related areas, including infrared drying and gas-fired drying methods.

Malaysian Timber Council
A very innovative, colorful, and refreshing web site (for those with fast modems or high-speed Internet access). Lots of good information about timber, forestry and wildlife in Malaysia and elsewhere. Also has paper-related links. Fun and diverse.

The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum (a.k.a. the American Museum of Papermaking)
America's leading museum about papermaking is sponsored by IPST. This web site offers an excellent virtual tour of the museum and some great information about the history of papermaking.

Online Sources and E-commerce Centers

Research Consortium in E-Business in the Forest Products Industry
This is the FOR@C Research Consortium in e-business for the forest products industry, based at the Université Laval in Quebec City and our research is centred on the value creation network and the use of new technologies to plan, manage and control the activities and operations of that network.
Online purchasing of supplies relating to the printing industry, including many paper products.

Forest Express
This new business-to-business enterprise made headlines when it was launched by Georgia-Pacific Corp., International Paper, and Weyerhaeuser Co. It's an electronic marketplace that will serve manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, buyers, and sellers. Functions include processing quotes and sales contracts, providing catalog information, and assisting in inventory management, insurance, credit, and both forward and reverse auctions. The initial focus is on printing and writing papers, building materials, recovered fiber and timber. Real-time transactions for the timber industry will be provided.

Pulp and Paper.Net
A site dedicated to many aspects of the global pulp and paper industry. You can locate products and suppliers from around the world, keep track of key events and conferences, stay in touch with the job market, and access a library of information.

US Mills Online at CPBIS
A tool to show you what pulp and paper mills are in any state of the US. ills OnLine is the only historic yet up-to-date data on state-by-state listing of all paper facilities that have operated in the U.S. since 1970. The data contain information on nearly 800 stand-alone and integrated pulp and paper mills. As of Sept. 2012, the current Mills Online report 350 mills as operating, 7 mills as idled or closed, and 426 as delisted from the annual national mill directories. Geographic location and last product capacity for the 426 closed or dismantled mills provide a unique historic perspective on the evolution and restructuring of the industry.

Wood Science and Technology

The Forest Products Laboratory
This USDA institution in Madison, Wisconsin produces a good deal of useful research in wood technology and other issues related to forest products. A useful site - lots of information.

Just for Fun: Entertainment with Paper

Magic with paper: ideas and tricks
Jeff Lindsay's offering. Ideas for the magically inclined.

Fun with Paper (from International Paper)
Games and fun things you can make with paper from one of the largest paper companies in the world. How to Make Origami
A remarkably easy and detailed source of information on how to make many dozens of beautiful origami structures. One of the best websites on origami. And free!

Origami as Gifts - a list of origami resources, courtesy of the Northwest Homeschool Group in Kirkland, WA.

Origami University
Cool collection of unique origami works and resource. Commercial site.

The Paper Folding Project
A fascinating site by Paul Haberli within the Grafica Obscura site. Lots of information and demonstrations of beauty achieved by folding paper. Also see Dr. David Huffman's paper folding page.

How to Make Paper Airplanes
Some very cool designs with clear instructions.

Hand Papermaking
Arnold Grummer is an expert in making paper by hand and an artist who can show you how to have a lot of fun making beautful creations in your own kitchen.

Peter Callesen's Art with Paper

George W. Hart's Paper Polyhedra
A great site showing how to make complex paper structures (polyhedra).

The Prairie Paper Project
Douglas W. Jones at the University of Iowa has initiated an educational project based on papermaking with straw, designed for students (5th -10th grade). His site describes the project and its success. Looks like fun!

Joseph WU's Origami page
A cool site, with pictures of origami art (an F-14 Tomcat, for example - one of the favorite works of the ancient masters) and lots of information.

Origami Resource Center
Over 500 origami examples and many other resources on origami. "Know when to fold" is their motto.
Lots of information (and photos) for those interested in the hobby of collecting paper money. Very informative. Also see Banknote World (a.k.a. Ron Wise's World Paper Money Site). (Now if you really want to learn about the extensive history of money of all kinds, please see A Comparative Chronology of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day.)

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