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Apple Shots #10: The 2004 Christmas Parade of Appleton, Wisconsin

A Christmas parade? Are we out of our freezing minds? No, it's a sane and wonderful part of Appleton's hardy tradition of making the most of winter and always having a reason for a great parade. Appleton's annual Christmas Parade is often said to be the largest or longest Christmas Parade in the nation (or perhaps the coldest?). It is held a few weeks before Christmas, mercifully, but it's still usually at a time too cold for ordinary people to want to attend a parade. But Appletonians are an extraordinary breed, and we love our cold parade. In 2004, it was held the evening of November 23. College Avenue was packed with thousands of people (an estimated 50,000 people!) and parking was a real pain, but the parade was marvelous. Below are a few photos I took, some of which turned out OK in spite of the darkness. These are all copyright 2004 by Jeff Lindsay. Also see the 2005 Christmas Parade Photos (Apple Shots #10B) and a separate gallery from the 2005 Christmas Parade. See my gallery of the 2005 Appleton Christmas Parade.

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