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Dining in the COVID Era in Appleton, Wisconsin

After being away for nine years in Shanghai, China, I was nervous about moving back to Appleton in early 2020. How could I live without the endless inexpensive restaurants, so many just a short walk from where I lived or worked? How could I endure without all the Asian specialities I had become so fond of? But I've been amazed at how much I love being back in this small town with great people, boundless nature and beauty, and a lot of great food after all.

But COVID has complicated all that! Many restaurants have closed or only offer take out. I'll share my thoughts on take out, but I'll start by sharing where you can eat a great meal and do it in a real restaurant with fresh, piping hot foot that hasn't sat in a bag for 30 minutes before it shows up.

I've divided this page into two main sections: (1) Sit Down - a few of the places that I think deserve special attention, and (2) Take Out/Delivery Only.

Sit Down Dining in the Fox Valley

Believe it or not, the Fox Valley actually has many great places where you can still sit down and dine in. That's important to me because the food tastes so much better when it's fresh and beautiful, not stuffed into a carton. So first I'll discuss some places in the Fox Cities that, as of January 2020, provide a sit-down venue for dining. Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Pickup or Delivery Only: More Good Dining in Spite of COVID

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