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Jeff Lindsay's guide to dining in the Fox Cities (updated Jan. 2021).

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Dining in the Post-COVID Era in Appleton, Wisconsin

After being away for nine years in Shanghai, China, I was nervous about moving back to Appleton in early 2020. How could I live without the endless inexpensive restaurants, so many just a short walk from where I lived or worked? How could I endure without all the Asian specialities I had become so fond of? But I've been amazed at how much I love being back in this small town with great people, boundless nature and beauty, and a lot of great food after all.

But COVID complicated all that! Many restaurants were closed or only offered take out, though as of 2023 nearly all now offer dine-in again.

I've divided this page into two main sections: (1) Sit Down - a few of the places that I think deserve special attention, and (2) Take Out/Delivery Only.

Sit Down Dining in the Fox Valley

Most places in the Fox Cities now provide a sit-down venue for dining. What a relief!

Pickup or Delivery Only: More Good Dining in Spite of COVID

Outside of the the Fox Valley

There are many good places within a short drive of the Fox Valley to consider as well. These include:

Bread in the Fox Cities

The quality of bread available in the Fox Cities has been on a healthy uptrend. Great places for delicious bread Breadsmith in north Appleton and Darboy, Panera Bread on west College Avenue, and Great Harvest Bread in downtown Neenah. Breadsmith's granola bread is among my favorites, but the overall best shop, in my opinion, is Great Harvest in Neenah. Awesome staff, great selection of breads, and free samples that are big enough to almost be a quick meal. Their Woodstock bread is especially good. They also make sandwiches for you--delicious!

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