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Photography and the related visual arts have added much to my appreciation of the beauty of life. Can beauty be found in almost any setting? Sometimes it seems that way. I still have much to learn, but that doesn't keep me from sharing a few of the things I've discovered so far. Recent gallery: Photos from Xiamen, China, April 2013. Bonus: Also see my collection of tips for those coming to China on the page Surviving in China.

Some Galleries:

New Zealand #1
New Zealand #2
Some Favorites
Family Photos 2008
Lindsay Family
Appleton, Wisconsin - 12 pages of photos
Appleton, Wisconsin
Friends and Strangers
Friends and Strangers Portraits and candid shots (1 of 9).
Friends and Strangers 2
Friends and Strangers 2 More shots of friends and others.
Industrial Art
Industrial Machines and industrial sites.
The Hmong in Wisconsin
The Hmong People A gallery of the Hmong in Wisconsin.
Favorite Photos, 2008
2008 Favorites A new gallery of recent favorite photos, 2007-2008.
Favorite Photos, 2008
2009 Memorial Day One of the many parades of Appleton, Wisconsin.
Singapore photos, buddhist temples, biopolis
Singapore, Oct. 2009 Photos from the beautiful nation of Singapore.
2009 favorites
2009 Favorites
Winter, knights, and more
2010 Favorites Winter favorites, Chicago, more.
More from Barcelona: the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi, etc.
More from Barcelona Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia, etc.
More from Barcelona: the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi, etc.
Friends and Strangers 4 More people shots
More people shots, including some Oneida Indian Tribe dancers
Friends and Strangers 5 More people shots, including some Oneida Indian Tribe dancers
More people shots, including musicians.
Friends and Strangers 6 More people shots, including student musicians
More people shots, including some Oneida Indian Tribe dancers
Apple Shots 14: Octoberfest Some views of a huge Midwest tradition
Scenes from Appleton and the Fox Valley in 2008-2009.
Apple Shots 15 Scenes from Appleton, Neenan & the Fox Valley
Scenes from Appleton and the Fox Valley in 2009-2010.
Apple Shots 16 Scenes from Appleton and the Fox Valley in 2009-2010
Scenes from Appleton and the Fox Valley in 2009-2010.
The Hmong in Wisconsin Views of the Hmong people the Fox Valley
China Shots #1: Photos from Shanghai and Suzhou
China Shots #1 Shanghai, Suzhou
China Shots #1: Photos from Shanghai, Wu Zhen, and beyond
China Shots #2 Wu Zhen, Shanghai
China Shots #3: Photos from Yu Yuan or Yu Gardens, Shanghai
China Shots #3: Yu Yuan Yu Gardens: one of Shanghai's most scenic spots.
China Shots #4: Shanghai and beyond
China Shots #4 Kites and more from Shanghai
China Shots #5: Old Shanghai street scenes
China Shots #5 Shanghai Street Life
Shanghai newlyweds, James and Joyce
James and Joyce, Newlyweds
Thailand 2017, Lanta Island
Thailand 2017, Lanta Island
Nature, landscapes, Grand Canyon
Nature Scenes and Landscapes
Nature, abstracts
Ben and Amber Lindsay get married
Ben and Amber get married
Melbourne, Australia, May 2013
Melbourne, Australia, May 2013

The 2011-2013 Pacific Asian Collection (Asia + Australia + New Zealand)

More Galleries

Appleton, WI and the Fox Valley of Wisconsin

I have quite a few pages of photographs from the Appleton area. These include:

Other recently added photo pages include A Tribute to Dallas Anderson and His Sculptures in the Fox Valley. Dallas Anderson, a native of Utah, has three important works in the Fox Valley: Rain Dance in Appleton, Playing in the Rain in Neenah, and the less known but beautiful Reflections of Love in Memorial Park of Appleton. I have sample shots of all three in this tribute to Dallas.

Another recent galley is Winter Woods, Waters, and Windows: 2009 Winter Photos from the Midwest.

New: Friends and Strangers III: Barcelona, Spain, March 2008.

Also see Friends and Strangers 4, with photos of people mostly from 2008, and Even More Friends and Strangers.


A Few Thumbnails from Selected Galleries

Here I show six thumbnails per gallery, though the pages linked to have more than six photos each.

Favorite Photos: Collection #1

Favorite Photos: Collection #2

From Favorite Photos #3

Favorite Photos: Collection #3

From Favorite Photos #4

Wedding Photos: Steve and Meliah, 2004

Other Collections of Photography

Explorations of Riverside Park in Neenah, Wisconsin
A recent 2006 work, where I emphasize a sculpture known as "Playing in the Rain." The main part of that little study involves some mirror image photos toward the middle of the page.
New! Photos from Newport Beach, California
Photos I took during a short visit in June 2005. I really enjoyed the scenes at dusk with the lighting effects caused by the ocean spray. Fun! The large dock really helped things.
The Appleton, Wisconsin Blog
Another place where I post photos from Appleton, Wisconsin and environs.
Photos of Monte Alban in Oaxaca State, Mexico
Part of a large group of photos I took in southern Mexico in 2005.
The Smith Museum of Stained Glass at Navy Pier, Chicago
A few photographs of the beautiful stained glass art at this free public museum.
My Favorite Photos
In addition to an early page of favorite photos, also see page 2 of my favorite photos, my favorite photos from Cambridge, England, my wedding photos from the July 2004 wedding of Stephen Michael Lindsay and Meliah Elizabeth Lipp, my favorites from 2004, and most recently, my favorites from 2005 and even more favorite photos from 2005. Also see my new 2005 page of photos of interesting people and my new page of photos from industrial scenes. More recently, I've added a page of photos from China (Shanghai and Suzhou).
Lindsay Family Photos:
2013 (including China and New Zealand), 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2007 #2, 2006, 2005, 2005 #2, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, and 1999.

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