Iraqi Subliminal Terrorism:
The Ultimate Domestic Threat

The Hidden Henchmen of Hussein

as exposed by Sci-Cops


Subliminal Terrorism Comes to the United States:
You May Already Be A Victim!

Secret U.S. government and United Nations files prove that terrorism has been far more pervasive in the United States than anyone has realized. You may already have been victimized and not even know it! For years now, a sophisticated army of Iraqi terrorists have been operating in the United States as hidden agents of Saddam Hussein. Their goal: cripple the United States through a new terrorist tactic, subliminal terrorism. Subliminal terrorism doesn't look like terrorism at all, for there are rarely any explosions or dead bodies, but the demoralizing effect is more powerful than anything traditional terrorism has to offer. In this decade, subliminal terrorism has caused more economic loss and more ruined lives in this country than the combined effects of World War II, the Vietnam War, Watergate, and Madonna's 1994 US concert tour.

Evidence of Hussein's Hidden Henchmen (a.k.a. Saddam's Shadow Soldiers) was first discovered by the secret government agency, Sci-Cops, a sector of the Department of the Treasury even more secret than the Secret Service. Sci-Cops are charged with enforcement of natural laws like the law of gravity and the laws of thermodynamics. When unexplainable phenomena are encountered that might threaten a violation of natural law, Sci-Cops squads of crack scientists and former professors are called in to see that the fabric of space and time remains intact, no matter what. Some now-silenced critics once said that Sci-Cops is too aggressive, too violent, too mean-spirited, but when the universe hangs in the balance, you can't play Mr. Nice Guy like the IRS or BATF.

The story of how Sci-Cops got involved in fighting this hideous terrorist threat is told on a separate Web page, "Sci-Cops Bust the Henchmen of Hussein." What's most important, though, is knowing that the threat is real, and that you may already be a victim of their shadow war against all that is good.

The Federal Government still wants to keep all this a secret, but AMERICA NEEDS TO KNOW! Though he faces the wrath of the Federal Government, "Agent Zeta," the first Sci-Cop to come public, feels that he must reveal the discoveries of Sci-Cop about the Hidden Henchmen of Hussein so that Americans can defend themselves against Saddam's Shadow Soldiers before our country is destroyed, transformed into a mass of ornery, quibbling, grouchy psychopaths. The Federal Government just isn't acting fast enough to stave off the threat - but you can defend yourself, if you're informed. Read on to learn how Saddam's Shadow Soldiers operate. Organize your family, friends, and neighbors into vigilante squads to protect your community. Know the warning signs of a subliminal terrorist. Write letters to the editor, stage demonstrations, build shanty towns, burn Saddam Hussein in Effigy or other communities, anything to get the message out. America is under attack!

Please note that subliminal terrorists are not necessarily Iraqis, for many of the secret agents of Saddam are "ordinary" Americans who have been lured by wealth brainwashed into becoming agents of Saddam Hussein, serving as vile subliminal terrorists. Most of the Iraqis (and Americans) in this country are honorable people who are opposed to terrorism of any kind. But the agents of Saddam are among us nevertheless, and we must be ready. Have you already been victimized? Read on.

Terroristic Acts of Saddam's Shadow Soldiers

Subliminal terrorists orchestrate and execute events that seem like ordinary accidents or nuisances one might expect in an industrialized nation. Events like ladders "accidentally" falling off the back of an overloaded pickup truck during rush hour. A "minor" problem, but one that can cause over ten thousand Atlanta commuters to get to work late and grouchy. Such "innocent" events are designed to make life in America so stressful and unproductive that we will eventually become a nation of paranoid, ticked-off psychopaths - exactly like Mr. Big in Iraq himself. As the annoyance level builds, soon stress levels will get so high that hordes of once sane Americans will lose control and turn to unbridled rage, civil war, and even All-star Wrestling.

The following documented examples illustrate the tactics of various divisions of Iraqi terrorists, beginning with their infamous Traffic Squadron:

The Road to Hell is Paved. . . .

Working day and night to frustrate Americans on the road, Iraqi terrorists in the Traffic Squadron use the following sinister tactics:

They've Got the Parking Lots, Too

FBI agents recently discovered that hundreds of Hussein's Hidden Henchmen raid parking lots at night, converting dozens of useful parking places into mostly unused handicapped parking stalls. Fearing to be politically incorrect, most store owners never question why 30% of their parking lot should be devoted to less than 5% of drivers. Emboldened by success, one of the Iraqi squads is now installing 100% Braille parking signs and markers in the lots they convert. Saddam's subtle assault on our parking lots is designed to cause more congested parking, more frustration, and more bigotry against the handicapped. The economic impact of millions of excess handicapped stalls is estimated at over $5 billion a year. (One expert gave an estimate of 143 trillion dollars a year, but we suspect he was an Iraqi sympathizer who wanted to make things seem even worse than they are.)

Not content with merely wasting space in parking lots, the ever-tacky Henchmen of Hussein throw thousands of pounds of chewed bubble gum onto the parking lots of America every day, causing untold despair. In fact, one of the surest signs of a genuine Shadow Soldier of Sadam is that he chews bubble gum constantly. If you see a Saddamist, please call the FBI immediately!

They Want to Make Us Pour:
The Truth Behind Freshness Dating

"Freshness Dating" on canned beverages appears benign and even helpful. Yet that handy expiration date printed on the bottom of the can may be THE classic embodiment of subliminal terrorism. The intentions look so good, but the results are so sinister! Think for a moment: if a friendly force was behind the freshness date, why would it be printed on the BOTTOM of the can? Countless thousands of suits and dresses have required dry cleaning since unwary consumers must turn the can over to see the Freshness Date, thus spilling some or even all of the contents. The level of harm depends on how quickly the victim reads - and those who have fallen to the Iraqi-funded fad of Whole Language are especially likely to get all 12 ounces of colored liquid on their clothes, making this a brilliant example of synergy between seemingly unrelated Iraqi plots.

This devious idea was developed by former assassin, Sammi Bin-Bad, who joined the subliminal terrorist movement in 1983 and has been a continued source of subtle assaults on the West. Sammi, of course, was the developer in 1984 of the much praised "Ladder Launcher" - a device placed in the back of pick-up trucks which ejects large objects such as ladders, mattresses, or cages of live chickens onto busy highways and which remains in heavy use in much of the South.

The success of freshness dating has spawned other hideous plots. In another scheme brewed by Sammi Bin-Bad, a shipment of 500,000 dangerous Iraqi styrofoam coffee cups was recently smuggled into the United States. Each cup has printing on the side saying "Turn cup over NOW to see if you are an instant winner!" These cups are showing up at fast food places around the country, placed there by the insidious Henchmen of Hussein. Have they no decency?

At Home or at Play. . .

You could be victimized anytime, anywhere, as Saddam's Shadow Soldiers are constantly reaching out to touch someone:

Subliminal Chemical Weapons: A New Tool of Terror Against the West

In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, UN teams examined a number of alleged chemical and nuclear weapons facilities in Iraq. Most proved to be of no concern, but one factory, the Marush Sharmanah Factory #1, proved to be a genuine source of chemical weaponry. Huge bribes to the UN officers resulted in near total suppression of their findings - until now. The ever curious Agent Zeta of Sci-Cops went the extra mile to break through the shroud of secrecy and learn why all information about Marush Sharmanah Factory #1 had been permanently sealed. Using sophistry, logic, emotional appeals to the welfare of humanity, and a 500-Volt cattle prod, Agent Zeta convinced a UN officer to reveal all. The chemical weapons produced at that factory were not conventional neurotoxins or poison gas, but a new, barbaric class of chemical weapons that destroy without even being toxic. Marush Sharmanah Factory #1 was producing and exporting thousands of gallons of neon colored hair dyes for use by troubled teenagers. Neon pink, blue, green, and yellow were being distributed to the United States through established drug trafficking channels. The hair dyes were first introduced by drug dealers, who received bonuses for giving them away free with every purchase. Then Iraqi agents established "legitimate" distribution channels through fashion shops and stores in malls. Documents were also discovered that millions of dollars had been paid to celebrities to use the Iraqi products as a means of making grotesque hair colors seem fashionable among troubled youth. (Can you guess which nominally American basketball player was recently inducted into the Saddamist Hall of Fame?)

The threat of neon hair dye is an obvious one: make teenage rebellion even more visible, obnoxious, and unnatural, leading to massive strife and conflict within families and schools. Those who mark themselves with the hair dyes are easy prey for Iraqi agents who may then entice the troubled youth to adopt other products engineered by Iraqi terrorists, including nose rings, rap music, and cheesehead hats.

Agent Zeta's report put it this way:

Your marriage teeters as you and your spouse struggle with the guilt, the shame, the pain. Your have failed as parents, for your daughter's hair is neon pink. Green, pink, yellow - no patriotic American chemical company would make and sell such hair dyes to our precious youth. The darkest secret from the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War was the long-suppressed discovery that Iraq's largest chemical weapons factory was not producing nerve gas but neon hair dyes, part of a sinister plot to destroy the American way of life.
Parents, your child may already be a victim of subliminal Iraqi terrorism!

Piercing Us to the Very Soul - or Elsewhere

The tragic effects of one of the most vile perversions of the Hidden Henchmen of Hussein is evident in this personal account:
As the jet roared down the runway, urging itself into the clear, blue heavens, I was fascinated by the glints of sunlight bouncing off the vibrating metal balls that swung from the nose of the person seated next to me. I resisted the temptation to yank the balls out of the infested nostrils, realizing that my good intentions might be misinterpreted by my neighbor. I tried to be nonchalant and kind, to make conversation about non-nasal topics, to look the young man in the eyes, rather than the nose, and even to talk of faith, hope, and repentance - but it was all a sham. Not only did I lose my appetite, but soon I lost the feeling of charity that had carried me so far in my life. This young man wasn't like the other lost souls that I wanted to help - I genuinely disliked him. He was just so unlovable - repulsive, disgusting, and, well, so nasal. Surely this soul was NOT created in the image of God. Not only was I feeling uncharitable, but by the end of the flight, I began to question my faith. I had been able to accept the existence of evil and suffering in the universe, but body piercing? What could possibly drive human beings to such depths?

Feeling lost and betrayed by the cosmos, I chose not to return to the convent. I gave up my faith, started watching HBO, and got involved in multilevel marketing. I know I've gone astray, but whenever I feel like returning to the Church, the image of those moist, dangling globes hanging from those mocking, pierced nostrils haunts me. What sinister forces are behind this???

- A former nun in San Mateo, California

Sister, you're exactly right about one thing: sinister forces are behind the dark fad of body piercing. We have uncovered documentation showing that a $10 million grant from the oil-laden coffers of Saddam Hussein was given to a group of Iraqi loyalists in 1984 to establish "Nomad," a trendy, "hotter-than-hot" body-piercing salon in Hollywood, now with branches throughout California. ("Nomad" was intended to be "demon" spelled backwards, but spelling is not the primary strength of Iraqi terrorists.) Nearly half of that money went to the Hollywood publicity agency of Grimace and Grime, the same agency which made bell-bottoms so fashionable in the early 70s. With their ties to the media and the Hollywood elite, body-piercing soon became a rage in California, from whence it spread across the country like cancer.

Saddam's motives ought to be clear to the informed reader. Through body piercing, another form of subliminal terrorism, Saddam hopes to shred the fabric of American family life and social stability. Whether it's balls dangling from a nose or a butterfly in the navel or rhinestones protruding from a slit tongue, body piercing causes distress and emotional suffering to the family members and loved ones of the pierced parties, with a net estimated economic impact of over $30 billion a year just in lost productivity, not to mention the even greater intangible cost of the emotional distress. Inspired by its disastrous social and economic impact, Saddam's Shadow Soldiers continue to promote body piercing, hoping to put holes in our pockets - and other places.

The Alarming Threat of Sonic Sabotage:
Are You a Carrier?

Watch and Wait: The Hour of Doom is at Hand

Have you ever been sitting in a quiet setting - a church service, a classical musical performance, a business meeting - when somebody's cheap wrist watch began beeping and beeping and beeping? Not just once, not just twice, but twenty or thirty times in a row? Every hour, on the hour, all across America, hundreds of thousands of people are annoyed, distracted, and aggravated by the senselessly loud and repetitious beeping of cheap watches. Embarrassed owners may struggle to silence the beeping, but it is futile - and most owners soon grow deaf to the sound. For years, legitimate watchmakers and electrical engineers have wondered how anybody could have been so clueless as to design such monstrously annoying devices, and businessmen have wondered why they are so inexpensive. Thanks to Sci-Cops, we now know the answer. Those beeping watches were designed by the secret Iraqi Electronics Bureau, part of the Saddam's Subliminal Terrorist Force. The sinisterly designed watches are produced by slave labor in China, a primary ally of Iraq. Millions of dollars from the Iraqi drug trade are used to lower the sale price of the watches which are then exported to the United States. They are purchased by millions of people who then cause endless distraction and irritation to others. Meetings are ruined, friendships shattered, jobs lost - and the Hidden Henchmen of Hussein score more demoralizing victories in their campaign of subliminal terrorism.

Driving Us Crazy: When Security is the Threat

Ironically, the American drive for security against crime has opened broad new avenues for criminal invasion into our lives. This is especially true when it comes to automobile security. Millions of insecure Americans now have anti-theft alarms for their cars - loud, sensitive devices which regularly go off at 3:00 a.m., disrupting sleep and annoying almost everyone - except criminals. Criminals, of course, know that a car with a car alarm is perfectly safe prey, for everybody ignores car alarms and assumes they are false. If someone is seen shattering the window of an "alarmed" car, we assume that it's probably just the owner trying to figure out how to silence the darn thing. In spite of the uncivil disruption they cause and their clear lack of value, American cars continue to be equipped with car alarms in the name of security. Unfortunately, most Americans are unaware that the original patent for the car alarm is Iraqi Patent No. 33,599, "Loud, Annoying Automotive Device for Disturbing Neighbors and Fomenting Malice," issued to Abdul Kassem on Aug. 4, 1985. It appears that heavy bribes from Iraqi agents to automotive executives have been instrumental in popularizing these Saddistic devices.

The Assault on Midwestern Values:
The Most Shocking News of All

Warning: sometimes the truth is too hard to bear. Wisconsinites and Packers fans are encouraged not to read this section. It could shatter your self-esteem and destroy your happiness - just the kind of thing they want to happen.

The greatest obstacle to Saddam's plan to destroy and demoralize America through subliminal terrorism is traditional family values, like the kind of solid, no-nonsense, hard-working approach to life you find in the Midwest, especially in that former bastion of morality and virtue, Wisconsin. Saddam's strategists have have launched a powerful campaign of subliminal terrorism to make once serious Wisconsinites step down from the pedestal of solemnity to appear downright goofy. Impossible? Alas, serious damage has already been done and more will follow if we don't rise up and stop the plot before it's too late. During the 1997 Superbowl, millions of Americans laughed at the silly CHEESEHEAD HATS worn by most Packer fans. Hundreds of articles in newspapers and magazines questioned the odd Wisconsinite practice. What they didn't tell America is that the now-famous foam cheesehead hat is not native to Wisconsin at all, but was developed in 1989 by the Psychological Damage Squad of Saddam's subliminal terrorists. Cheesehead factories were then built in Wisconsin, subsidized with millions of dollars of Iraqi drug money and popularized with the Iraqi-controlled press in Wisconsin. As part of the plot, Iraqi agents had been infiltrating the NFL as referees, trained to make bad calls and infuriate fans. When the chosen season (1996-97) came, the corrupted officials made crucial calls to ensure that the Packers got an edge. Iraqi money, influence, and hit-men were used to hurt other teams and injure other players during that season, all in order to give the Packers an extra edge to propel them to Superbowl fame. Naturally, we all think the Packers would have won anyway, but now we know from recently seized Iraqi documents that having the Packers in the Superbowl was crucial to Saddam's master plan to demoralize America. There are no known Iraqi agents on the Packers staff, but the Packers were nonetheless exploited by Iraqi forces to help focus national attention on Wisconsinites wearing cheesehead hats, thus letting the Wisconsinites themselves deal a deadly blow to respect for Midwestern values. Saddam's plans call for another Packer Superbowl victory in 1998. Our best hope is to act now to boycott cheesehead hats and restore a sense of dignity to America's moral heartland.

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