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Favorite Photos #1

Favorite Photos #1, 2003-2005 by Jeff Lindsay

Favorite Photos: Jeff Lindsay. In May 2003, my wife gave me a digital camera -- an Olympus C-4000 -- as an early Father's Day present. Then in 2005, I also picked up the Olympus C-765 Ultrazoom with 10x zoom. I've had a lot of fun ever since as a novice photographer. Below are some of my favorite "artsy" photographs. Also see page 2 of my favorite photos, my favorite photos from Cambridge, wedding photos I took at my son's wedding in 2004, favorite photos from 2004 (these are among the photos I have mounted as 11 x 14 enlargements in my home), and my newest favorite photos, mostly from 2005 and even more from 2005. Other recent additions from 2005 include photos from industrial scenes and photos of interesting people. There are also my favorites from 2006 and many others.

More recent additions include photos from China and other parts of Asia, such as China Shots #1, China Shots #2, China Shots #3, China Shots #4, and --did you see this coming?--China Shots #5.