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Salt Lake City:
City Creek Mall

Photos from Salt Lake City, Utah: City Creek Mall and Downtown Salt Lake, 2012

City Creek Mall and downtown Salt Lake City: I visited the controversial City Creek Mall and found a successful, community-minded project benefiting the community and the economy. I was struck by how many people were present and how much fun they were having--and by how many jobs were created. This project was supported by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to keep the community strong and vibrant in the downtown region where the Church has its headquarters. This has done much to restore downtown Salt Lake City to a healthy, vibrant community. Nice move. The critics of the Church howl about spending money for a worldly mall, but the vision behind the project is a beautiful way to give back to the community and was done without the use of tithing funds. Makes a lot of sense to me, and to the thousands of people positively affected by this beautiful facility. Some people have seriously erred in their criticism of the Church for its role in this remarkable project. THey need to get out more often to, uh, the City Creek Mall!