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HISS: The Higher Institute for Safe Shooting

"Shoot for success!"™

An open letter to Congress
by HISS Founder, Jeff Lindsay:

Dear Honorable Ones:

America's greatest challenge is violence, especially violence among youth. We read of undisciplined youth using guns in schools and shooting wildly in the streets. Hundreds die from stray bullets. People live in daily fear of being shot. To date, traditional efforts to solve these problems have failed. However, with the formation of the Higher Institute for Safe Shooting (HISS), there is new hope for America.

Safe shooting education is the most practical way to solve the gun and violence problem. While abstinence from shooting may be effective - according to theory - in reducing violence, we need to face reality and realize that many of our youth are going to choose to be ballistically active. We should thus teach them how to shoot safely and accurately to minimize harm to themselves and to reduce injuries to bystanders.

Children should be taught in the schools how to use a gun safely, how to shoot straight, how to tell when they are ready to shoot, how to choose a partner for shooting, and so forth. Rather than leaving safe shooting to chance, they should be given safe weapons and safe ammunition in order to engage in shooting safely when they choose to do so. And above all, they must be taught to always wear the proper protection (esp. bullet-proof vests) during shooting. That's our motto: "Only do it with a vest." I'm sure you'll agree that America has a vested interest in protecting its children.

This educational, non-profit organization has received the attention of some of America's most respected groups covering the entire political, racial, and gender spectrum, such as the Los Angeles Crips, the Michigan Amazon Warriors Female Battallion militia, the Texas Federation of Trauma Clinics, the Gay-Lesbian Task Force of the NRA, and the Union of American Handgun Manufacturers. Our efforts are strengthened through cooperation with our sister organization, Planned Victimhood, the organization that seeks to prevent unwanted victims through safe shooting counseling at its many health clinics.

We desperately need to bring safe shooting education to all schools. We also need funding for more Planned Victimhood health clinics in schools. We are asking for mandated "shoot-ed" education in all grades nationwide, $2 billion for more Planned Victimhood clinics in schools, and $3 billion per year to distribute safe shooting materials (low-risk handguns, safe ammunition, and, of course, protective vests) to those who choose to shoot. That's not much money when it comes to investing in our future. In fact, we can think of no other investment that will give more bang for the buck. With your support, our efforts can be helpful in both saving lifes and raising consciousness. Indeed, with your help, we can see that every child becomes truly empowered - firearm empowered, the fullest form of empowerment.

To date, our efforts have been resisted by a small yet powerful minority of fear-spreading and hate-mongering radicals. These well financed forces oppose a child's right to self-defense, seek to impose their archaic morals (shooting abstinence) on others, and are intolerant of alternate styles of fierarm use. Some have insinuated themselves into school boards and state government. Only federal initiatives and mandates can overcome these forces of histeria, hate, and greed.

With mandated "shoot-ed" education in the schools to promote the values of safe shooting and ballistic liberation for all, we project that thousands of lives will be saved and that millions of children will be able to lead fulfilling, firearm empowered, ballistically active lives. I hope you will support our earnest efforts - or else.


Jeffrey D. Lindsay
CEO and Chairman (also Marketing Director and Custodian)
Higher Institute of Safe Shooting
20 Diane Lane, Suite 3000
Appleton, WI 54915

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