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We are an equal opportunity university specializing in higher-order thinking skills that provide students with raised consciousness, empowerment, and self-esteem. We are especially proud of our inclusionary policies which empower all members of society, regardless of differences in ability and background. For example, we were the first university in North America to ensure that every traffic sign on campus was not only printed in at least 5 languages, but is also marked in Braille. We are proud of our diversity and require gender and ethnic diversity from every student. All students accepted to S.T.U.P.I.D. are guaranteed passing grades and a successful graduation as a right. All students applying to S.T.U.P.I.D. are guaranteed admittance as long as our modest tuition requirements and entrance fees are paid - and we work hard to help students get the federal and state grants they deserve to attend our university. Competition is out - all classes operate on the principles of cooperative learning, self-directed learning, playing-to-learn, and active nurturing. This is facilitated by our high-tech computer and multimedia labs, now with Pac Man and Nintendo. S.T.U.P.I.D. - the ultimate adventure in modern education.

Funding for S.T.U.P.I.D. is generously provided by the taxpayers of the United States. Most of our budget comes from the $80 million a year our newly founded Medical College receives from the U.S. government to not produce any more physicians (just like real medical schools in New York). Our Department of Physics also receives $10 million a year in Federal grants to not produce any physicians.

Our revolutionary, inclusionary approach allows all students to excel in physics. Those who dread math and equations have nothing to fear with us, for we understand that modern mathematics and traditional equation-based paradigms for physics are Eurocentric tools for institutionalized racism, designed to further oppress indigenous peoples and the underclasses, especially the mathematically impaired. We emphasize REAL WORLD PHYSICS - the kind that you can see and visualize with actual figurines and real-world objects like cheese graters and six-packs. Indeed, our recent survey of highly successful adults (from a large and diverse sample of season-ticket holders at a recent Packers game) shows that NONE had any need to solve differential equations in the past year (none of the sober ones, that is - claims to the contrary by several highly inebriated fans were discounted as not fully credible). If they don't need it, neither do you. What they and you do need, however, is a human-centered education focused on authentic paradigms of self-worth and interactional nurturing. And we deliver like no other university can - in spite of our many imitators. For authentic, real-world education, accept no substitutes. Get S.T.U.P.I.D.!

P.C. Physics 2019 Course Offerings

P101 - Freshperson Physics (formerly "Freshman Physics"): Toward a Higher Awareness


As of April 1, 2019, we became the first university to ban all major forms of intolerance, including racial intolerance, gender intolerance, religious intolerance, and lactose intolerance. Violators are instantly expelled with no appeal.

Traditional Eurocentric physics must be excised if students are to achieve higher consciousness. The restrictive ideology of Newton, with its emphasis on action and reaction, is exposed as reactionary propaganda, used for centuries to oppress indigenous peoples and institutionalize fear and hate. The prohibitive, traditional "laws" of physics must be rejected in favor of new models that foster tolerance, empowerment, and social justice. Under the old order, radical conservative forces have imposed "conservative" laws restricting the use of energy, mass, momentum, and electrical charge. Rather than conserving such forces and powers, they must be increased and made available to all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Students are instructed in the revolutionary New Physics and are encouraged to promote awareness through demonstrations and other media events.

P115 - Contributions of the Vertically Challenged in Physics

Startling new evidence confirms that most great physicists were vertically challenged (or "short," as bigots are wont to say). Unfortunately, repressive social norms forced many scientists to strive to appear vertically gifted in order to maintain credibility with the masses. Some never publicly came out about their true vertical orientation, but were still privately active in the vertically challenged subculture. This course examines how the vertically challenged status of Newton, Galileo, Einstein, Bohr, and many others contributed to their success as scientists.

P116 - Quantum Mechanics: Contributions of Indigenous Peoples

Most textbooks on physics, written by the ruling Eurocentric white male class, have completely ignored the fundamental contributions of indigenous peoples toward our understanding of quantum mechanics. This course seeks to rectify past wrongs by focusing on the achievements in quantum mechanics of peoples such as the Aleutian Indians, the Australian Aborigines, and Karen tribes of Thailand. Extra credit and reduced homework loads are available to members of oppressed groups.

P145 - PC Physics and Other Science Stuff for Educators

Developed in conjunction with the University's Alfred E. Neumann College of Education, this course prepares primary and secondary educators with an in-depth background for teaching principles of physics and the sciences in general to the rising generation. Drawing upon the most advanced theories of modern dialectical pedagogy, we prepare educator to be "a guide on the side" (not the "sage on the stage"!) who helps children discover the latent science within them in developmentally appropriate ways. Children learn how to look within as they craft their own educational journey to unveil science in a process of self-discovery, finding that principles such as gravitational acceleration, the orbitals of the atom, chemical stoichiometry, and the laws of electromagnetism are already within the human soul, waiting to be unleashed. The "guide on the side" will help frame those discoveries, as they occur, in politically correct frameworks.THus, principles such as heat and mass transfer can be perceived as examples of redistributive social justice, and concepts such as catalysis, precipitation, or magnetic attraction can be formulated in terms of community organizing and revolutionary progress.

P221 - White Male Oppression in Nuclear Physics

For centuries, white males have used the rhetoric and the tools of physics - especially nuclear physics - to suppress other classes. Bigoted labeling of subatomic particles, such as "negative" for the charge of the electron or "uncharmed" for some quarks, implies that some particles are better than others, which in turn is used to strengthen repressive norms of racial and gender inequality. Students will explore more holistic approaches to physics and learn how to turn physics into a tool of class struggle to overthrow oppression.

P246 - Intersectional Particle Physics: Toward a More Nurturing Cosmos

Particle physics traditionally has been based on abusing and exploiting the very particles that we and the cosmos depends on. Here we train future thought leaders to embrace more nurturing approaches to cosmology and more intersectional particle physics paradigms that don't seek to pigeonhole particles based on how we as outside observers judge them, but to allow them to be whatever the self-identify as. Frankly, how dare we torment and destroy particles to glean information from them which we use to impose our value judgments, imperiously assigning parameters such as charge, color, charm, spin, etc. It's none of our #!$@ business!

P269 - Holding the Universe Together:
The Crucial Role of Matter of Color

For decades, a dirty little secret of the scientific establishment has been crucial importance of matter of color - formerly called by the racial epithet, "dark matter." Though white establishment scientists have tried every avenue to find another explanation, they have been unable to escape the truth: matter of color is what holds the whole universe together, accounting for a majority of the gravitational attraction of the universe. Matter of color can no longer be swept under the rugs of the elite. It can no longer be swept into the dust bin of scientific history or trampled under the feet of oppressors. Matter of color is on the rise, and is much more important than "ordinary matter" - more properly termed "honkey matter." Students in this course will develop pride in the role of matter of color and understand the racist politics that kept it suppressed from public knowledge for so long. Students will also stage awareness rallies, marches, and protests to enhance public awareness of matter of color.

P287 - Feminist Cosmology

The Big Bang Model is exposed a purely male paradigm, deliberately replete with male sexual symbolism in order to deny empowerment to womyn. A more progressive feminine cosmology, the Gentle Nurturing, is offered to replaced the male Big Bang theory. The Gentle Nurturing model views the origin of the universe as lengthy period of gradual gestation, followed by steady nurturing, rather than a sudden eruption. The male originators of the Big Bang theory are examined critically for their role in maintaining an oppressive order through the manipulation of physics. The new paradigm shows that we are part of an interconnected cosmic entity which must be further nurtured and protected from the harms inflicted by the radical right. Higher taxes on the unenlightened is a critical first step.

P326 - Advanced Psychophysics

This specialized course for physics majors only teaches students to achieve high levels of cosmic awareness by tapping into the universal consciousness that engulfs us all. Such higher order thinking skills are developed by cooperative quantum reconstruction and self-directed neural empowerment sessions with the assistance of Tarot cards, Ouija boards, energy crystals, and altered states of consciousness. Students not only develop their psychic gifts, but learn how to effectively market them in fields such as Celebrity Counseling, Political Psychotherapy (including tips on White House protocol), and Forensic Psychozoology (using psychic gifts to identify which corporations have harmed protected species). Teaching assistants are available in the form of personal spirit guides.

P331 - Gaia, the Atomic Mother

Past studies of Gaia as the self-regulating life force of mother earth have been too narrow in their vision. A new framework for physics shows that Gaia originates at the atomic level, where each atom is alive and connected to the cosmic consciousness, directly influencing universal karma. This breakthrough in human consciousness, finally accessing the astral energies of the atom itself, reveals the horror of man's sins (but not womyn's) against nature in the twentieth century. Splitting the atom, for example, is now seen as the ultimate act of violence. Our assault on the atomic world may account for much of the clash between man and nature, including the recent escalation in lightning strikes. This course will show students new approaches to life and energy to heal the wounds we have inflicted to the atomic world, including the damaged self-esteem to electrons and other particles afflicted with judgmental labels by bigoted scientists. Prerequisite: P221.

P349 - Quantum Ontological Hermeneutics:
A Neo-Reconstructionist Approach

In our apparently jointly covariant four-dimensional manifold of space-time events, normalized metric fields for our specific worldline are shown to be inadequate for a self-consistent relativistic cosmology. In fact, such a cosmology can be shown to be intrinsically tied to subjective, positivist hermeneutics and not substantive invariants, meaning that we probably do not exist - not merely in spite of our subjectively perceived reality, but precisely because our reality is perceived subjectively, not objectively. Once this theoretical foundation has been established in the first week of class, students are dismissed for the remainder of the semester since none of this really matters anyway. Instead, coupons are provided for discounts on bowling and golf. Extra credit is given for attendance at Green Bay Packers games.

P382 - Social Justice at the Subatomic Level

Physicists must take the lead in the armed struggle for social justice at all levels of society, including the previously overlooked quantum level. Conservative laws for mass and energy must be replaced with radical, progressive paradigms based on just redistribution of mass and charge to achieve true parity. (Equality of mass and charge deserve special attention, for mass is equivalent to wealth, and charge, of course, relates to the ability to borrow wealth. Oppressor classes use the present inequity at the subatomic level to justify inequity with wealth and credit at the human level.) With a strident activist approach, students will see social justice in action as oppressed photons, neutrinos, and other particles are finally given their fare share of mass and charge. Unless student uprisings and other people's movements succeed, the mass-rich (e.g., black holes) will get richer, while the mass-poor (e.g., interstellar hydrogen clouds) get poorer.

P482 - Feng Shui Physics

New Course in 2019!!

Feng Shui, with its emphasis on the flow of energy, particularly qi energy, will first be explored in terms of Maxwell's formulas for electromagnetism to understand the basics of qi optimization, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Students will then apply Schroedinger's equation to solve more complex problems, such as where to place a round table in a square room, or how many rocks are needed to make a rock garden look nice. Computational quantum chromodynamics in multiple dimensions will ultimately be invoked--without normalization--to lay a foundation for choosing the right wallpaper to maintain spatial harmony and to help a room look groovy. Extra credit will be given for Feng Shui-style body piercing, with generous discounts available at the campus piercing clinic for enrolled students.

P499 - Fidel Castro: Physicist

New Course in 2019!

Though widely admired for his skills as a social reformer and political genius, the work and writings of Fidel Castro are best understood from the perspective of physics. By interpreting his actions and words in terms of physics, we see that Castro was a master physicist who can teach us much about the path forward in our society today. Profound physics insights are obtained from considering his writings about force, revolution, reaction, materialism, etc. Students will receive free Fidel and Che T-shirts.

P501 - The Quest for the God Particle

One of the greatest challenges in modern physics has been explaining why matter has mass. The best explanation so far involves complex field theory and an elusive particle, the Higgs boson, that interacts with other particles to create the behavior we call "mass." It's an amazing theory on the cutting edge of science that all hinges on finding the Higgs boson--a particle that has not yet been found. Once it has been found and better understood, a golden era of particle physics will occur. In this class, after a brief review of the major issues surrounding the Higgs boson, also called the God particle, we will explore where this particle may have been hidden and why powerful religious zealots and Wall Street conservatives have worked so hard to keep it hidden from the world, forcing the world to remain in igorance about the real nature of the God particle and God herself. For extra credit, students may participate in protests before major banks, churches, and other sources of darkness and ignorance to demand release of the Higgs boson, which possibly is being held in a secret pit beneath Chase-Manhattan Bank, or perhaps deep in the Vatican.

P502 - The End of the Universe as We Know It

Some mystics predict that the universe will end in 2020, which could be the case if hate-filled right-wing politicians cut any funding for S.T.U.P.I.D., or if Trump wins the election again. However, the end of the universe as predicted by physics will take much longer. Thermodynamics and the concept of entropy leads us to understand that the final state of the universe involves a "heat death" in which all energy potential has been equalized, making work impossible. The lack of work may sound appealing, but this is no vacation. The predicted end state is depressing, boring, and utterly hopeless, so what's the point of the cosmos? Or of studying? On the bright side, gloom and despair will be distributed with perfect uniformity so that social justice will at last be achieved. Students are encouraged to use their living quarters as lanboratories during this course to explore path of unrestrained entropy and chaos. (Note: University funds do not cover the cost of exterminators, carpet replacement, or building repair services after the course is completed.) To reflect the ultimate averaging of everything as the universe ends, all course participants will receive a C.

P503 - Self-Referential Systems

The physics of self-referential systems will be explored, including a study of this course. Prerequisite: P503. Students who have not had the course before may enroll by getting the instructor's approval following successful course completion.

The Scientific and Technical University for Politically Intelligent Development is a fully accredited non-profit institution of higher multicultural learning. The University is an Equal Opportunity institution, working to provide equality and empowerment for all, including generous student load packages. Members of oppressor classes and deplorables in general should apply elsewhere.

We are also proud supporters of ACNE - the American Collage Network for Educators, a support group to encourage educators to keep on using COLLAGE as an all-purpose educational tool. Some of our classes have eliminated textbooks altogether because students can explore the world of physics much more effectively using the higher-order thinking skills and student-centered interactive cooperative cross-disciplinary education that comes from cutting and pasting photos from old magazines (plus we're recycling at the same time!). Hands-on collage education is one of the many benefits that S.T.U.P.I.D. offers over lesser schools like, say, Harvard.