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Recommendations for entertainment and fun from Appleton's biggest fan.

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Appleton: A Hub of Midwest Fun

Appleton is host to numerous exciting events such as the annual Mile of Music event around August, as well as the famous annual Octoberfest celebration that brings in over 100,000 people, the nation's most interesting Christmas parade and many other top-notch parades, world-class performances such as the many shows that come to the Performing Arts Center and other venues, and many other events. Appleton is also a short drive from big events like Green Bay Packers football a few miles north, the Wisconsin State Fair 90 minutes south in Milwaukee (see some of my photos from the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair), the annual EAA aircraft convention in Oshkosh (see some of my photos from the EAA Convention), tremendous golfing at numerous courses in the area, great fishing and boating on rivers and lakes, beautiful forests, and lots of great food. Spend your summer, spring, fall, or winter with us, or just move in an enjoy Appleton year round. There are miles, months, and mountains of fun around Appleton.

Below are some of my suggestions for activities, attractions and opportunities in the area.

Recreation and Attractions in Appleton

Ideas for Spring

April and May can often be too cool or too early for some popular outdoor activities like golfing or tubing in the Wolf River, but there's still plenty to do and see. What's your favorite activity during spring in Appleton? Let me know! Meanwhile, here are some suggestions:

  • Walk, jog, or ride along the Friendship Trail, especially along the beautiful Trestle Bridge across Little Lake Butte des Morts.
  • Enjoy walks or bike rides around Plamann Park, High Cliff, Calumet County Park, Memorial Park, or through downtown Appleton.
  • Disc golf at Telulah Park or Plamann Park.
  • Watch nature erupt at Heckrodt Nature Preserve or the Bubolz Preserve.
  • Spring is filled with musicals from local high schools. Attend one of these high-quality plays.
  • Catch a free concert at Lawrence University.
  • Take your kids to the The Building for Kids
  • Try a new restaurant, like Fiesta Mexican Grill or Dong Po Chinese in downtown Appleton.

Appleton offers many attractions besides just going to a movie or eating out, and I list some of these below. A good overview of movies in the area is provided at Fandango for Appleton zip codes like 54915. Here is theater-specific information:

For more fun in Appleton, please consider these options:

Winter Fun

Winter is long in Appleton, so those in the know recommend taking up some activities that can only be done in winter to make you look forward to the experience. Here are some suggestions:

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