the hmong people in the united states and especially Wisconsin

Who Are the Hmong People in Wisconsin and Elsewhere in the United States? Why Are They Here?

The Hmong People and Their Story of Tragedy and Hope

Many Americans don’t appreciate the reasons why immigrants come to the United States. Many assume they are just here because they want to tap into America’s economy and social services. All Americans should understand the legacy and sacrifice of one group of immigrants in particular, the Hmong people, who are here as a result of facing genocide after their heroic sacrifices for American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Several hundred thousand of of these Asian immigrants from Laos didn’t come here because they wanted to come to America and enjoy American life. They came here because they were being hunted and killed in the land they loved because of their courageous sacrifices that saved many American lives, but nearly destroyed their. The story of the tragedy of the Hmong people is one that needs to be told.

On this website, I have several pages about the Hmong people. The main one is “The Tragedy of the Hmong People.” That page has links to additional topics related to the Hmong in the United States, including:

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The issue of health for the Hmong people in the United States is particularly challenging. Economic and cultural barriers play a role, as well as many new adverse health factors on the streets of US cities. The cultural challenges are exemplified, perhaps, by a 2014 article in the New York Times: “A Doctor for Disease, a Shaman for the Soul,” which reminds us of some large cultural differences when it comes to health for the Hmong people.