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Privacy and Terms of Use for

Your privacy will be respected. That means I won’t sell your email or other data to others. I won’t send you spam. If I send you something because I have you on a distribution list but you don’t want any more, let me know and I’ll take you off that list.  I don’t send out much email–actually, my real problem is that I don’t send out enough, as in not answering all the emails I get. I try, but it’s a bit overwhelming and some worthy questions fall through the cracks.

If you send me unsolicited emails with comments and questions, including content relevant to my writings here or elsewhere, I may reserve the right to quote from the email paraphrase it but will not share your email address and will obscure your identity. For example, if your name is Stannous Chloride and you send me an email making some objection to a point I make, if I find it interesting, I may update the relevant webpage or post with something where I abbreviate your name like this:  “A certain Mr. C. asked me the following question….” This gets trickier if your name actually is Mr. T, in which case I apologize if I accidentally reveal your identity. Let me know if your think I’ve improperly shared something you sent unsolicited and I’ll strive to resolve any problems.

I accept cookies, especially oatmeal, raisin, or chocolate chip. If you enjoy my writings and photos, feel free to send some. As for the electronic kind of cookies, I don’t think I use any and certainly don’t knowingly track them. If WordPress or any other tools I on this site use cookies, I’m sorry about that.

Your Bank Account Information
No, it’s not safe with me. For all I know, Homeland Security reads my email and pokes around everything I’ve got (not to mention the authorities and hackers in some other countries), so please don’t send me anything super sensitive like your bank account info. I don’t want it.  If you get an email that looks like it’s me asking for your bank information or asking you to wire money, it’s probably not me. Probably not even my wife. Ignore it. Even if it says I’m being held in a Bulgarian prison with terrible decor and cold, greasy food and can’t go until you wire $10,000 to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice in, say, Nigeria. Keep your cash. Delete the email and move on.

Terms of Use
I’m delighted that you managed to wander over to this site, and hope you’ll come back. I even hope you’ll leave a comment or too if you have something to share. But I also ask you to be civil, which means no profanity, no links to p0rnography, no spam, no racial slurs, etc. Feel free to link to this site or any of the pages or posts in it. But don’t hotlink to my photos unless you have my permission. Unless you have my express written permission, don’t copy and reuse my photos, text, or any other current or future creative contributions (that includes my still unpublished Concerto in ABC Minor). Altering my photos, especially to obscure the “” that often marks them, is of course strictly verboten.  But because I’m a pretty reasonable and generous guy, you can freely borrow up to 10 pixels from any photo, once max per photo, and use them any way you want. Those pixels are on me. Enjoy!

The content of this website and my other websites, such as the copyright and all other rights including the right to my US trademark, Mormanity® and other distinctive marks, is property of Planet Lindsay, LLC of Appleton, Wisconsin, a.k.a. the Cracked Planet, of which I am president and owner. Please respect my intellectual property rights. I don’t like people reproducing my content or displaying my content in frames as if it is on their site. Don’t do that without permission from me first. I retain the right to control my content and how it is displayed. Don’t display my photos without permission, either.

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