Resources for Better Understanding the Book of Mormon and Tools for Dealing with Common Attacks on the LDS Faith

Suggestions from Jeff Lindsay, 2018

There are many interesting resources for coping with challenging or meaningful questions about the Book of Mormon and Latter-day Saint religion. Here are some suggested resources that may be of help.

Neal A. Maxwell Institute at BYU (



Other Books:

  • Warren P. Aston and Michaela K. Aston, In the Footsteps of Lehi (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Comp., 1994); Warren P. Aston, Lehi and Sariah in Arabia: The Old World Setting of the Book of Mormon (Bloomington, IN: Xlibris Publishing, 2015).
  • George Potter and Richard Wellington, Lehi in the Wilderness: 81 New, Documented Evidences that the Book of Mormon is a True History (Springville, UT: Cedar Fort, Inc., 2003).
  • John L. Sorenson, Mormon’s Codex: An Ancient American Book (Provo, UT: Neal A. Maxwell Institute, 2013). A huge book loaded with results from a lifetime of work by this professor of anthropology. This build upon his earlier work, An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon (Salt Lake City: Deseret, 1985).
  • Jerry Grover, Geology of the Book of Mormon, detailed scientific info, free online at
  • Donald W. Parry, Poetic Parallelisms in the Book of Mormon: The Complete Text Reformatted (Provo, UT: Neal A. Maxwell Institute, BYU, 2007);
  • For videos, see Lehi in Arabia, DVD, directed by Chad Aston (Brisbane, Australia: Aston Productions, 2015). See trailer at Also see Journey of Faith, DVD, directed by Peter Johnson (Provo, UT: Neal A. Maxwell Institute of Religious Scholarship, 2006), But Lehi in Arabia is more accurate, more up to date, and most useful.


Interpreter Foundation ( – the new primary source for scholarly publications defending and exploring LDS scriptures and other LDS topics:


FAIRMormon: Book of Mormon evidences (categories): Find answers in FAIRMormon’s archive of answered questions:


Book of Mormon Central:


My writings: