The Shakedown on Shake Well 2016-10-24T05:57:52+00:00

Shake Well Before Serving is more than just a good idea for salad dressings and orange juice, it’s a whole way of life. Well, I suppose that’s overstating things. It’s really just a blog from Jeff Lindsay, a slightly warped writer and Web enthusiast living in Shanghai but claiming Appleton, Wisconsin as his home. I have a Real Job in a major Asian corporation and try to get away with having a Website on the side – even though it has satire and political commentary and lots of stuff about religion — you know, the kind of topics that smart people avoid.

Shake Well is mostly about things that I think will help people or at least give them something to think about, allowing them to be better able to Serve the World or at least have a better day. Sometimes I’ll shake things up, or even shake up some of your preconceived notions, or just give you the shakedown on what’s really going on, in my opinion, of course. And I’ll introduce you to some of the real movers and shakers in the world. I’ll appreciate your perspectives on the way. Is that a deal? Then let’s shake on it!

Shake on!